Topsham, Maine

News bulletin: Here in Maine my local McDONALD'S HAS DROPPED NEWMAN"S OWN ORGANIC COFFEE . Now after 25 years of selling specialty coffee (I now own a window cleaning company), I have developed a knack for knowing quality.

Getting a cup of Newman's Own Organic Coffee was THE main reason for me going to McDonald's rather than Starbucks. Recently I went through my routine of stopping at McDonald's for breakfast (the only meal I eat there). I typically get scrambled eggs, a breakfast burrito and a medium black coffee. My crew comes with me.

Driving down the road I told one of my employees that the coffee wasn't right. Not burnt, but weak, less complexity and of lower quality. The next day I did the same and it dawned on me after the first sip: Is it possible that they have dropped Newman's Own Coffee?". This morning when stopped in again, and asked a young counterperson if it were true, my suspicions were confirmed.

She proceeded to rattle off McDonald's rote jargon that they fed her about, "...well, it's still an Arabica coffee of the highest quality". Okay lady, I get it.

It's over. And I instantly knew that I had little reason to go to McDonalds any more nor will my crew whom I drive.

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Coffee is not good any more .Cant drink it . We are daily customers . If its not broke don't fix it Sorry back to Timmys


Will go down as one of the biggest mistakes in corporate history, they had the best coffee now they have the worst. I went to McDonald’s for the coffee but would buy a hamburger or breakfast sandwich while is was there, no more.


There coffee change is terrible that was the main reason I went there now it’s gonna change!


Not only is it undrinkable now, but they raised the price too. I have no reason to visit McDonalds at all now. I wish they would at least give the option of paying more for the good coffee.


I agree I no longer go to McDonald's. Bring back Newman's coffee


Brig 'um back Mickey D's!, Brig um' back!


Old Blue Eyes would turn over in his grave if he knew what they've done.


I am so disappointed that coffee has changed. Why! Bring the old recipe.


What about the McCafe brand coffee that they sell in stores that you make in your own coffee maker? I bet that people are going to stop buying them because it is so gross now and that they will end up donating them all to the likes of the Salvation and Goodwill (who will try to sell them in their thrift stores for three times their original retail price)




I just went to Mickey D's this morning and used my Booger King coupon to get 2 Sausage and Egg McMuffins, 2 Hash Browns & a small coffee and a Large Sweet Tea for $5. The Coffee this morning was the worst that it has ever been.

I only was able to drink a few sips of it and had to throw it in the trash. It's a good thing that I was able to get the Large Sweet Tea. One of the managers was all mean last week saying that from now on I had to get 2 coffees with my Booger King Coupon instead of a coffee and a sweet tea. Thank Goodness that she wasn't there today or I would have only had two cups of disgusting undrinkable coffee.

And I didn't feel like being embarrassed and causing a scene about it. i figured that the best that they could do is give me another cup of that p.i.s.s. coffee.

I'll never but their coffee on my own again. I only get it because it is part of my coupon deal.


Mc Donalds No longer Cares To serve The best Quality decafe coffee .only a decaf blend. It is either Foamy and sour or watery .

Whoever Chose this why to prepare it this why does not drink it. The customer should have been asked what they think of it!!


If everyone particpated in a mass boycott for one day over the coffee, McDonalds would be brought to it's knees by the loss of business. All of it's stores would be empty and the employees would all just be milling around wondering what was wrong. I agree, the new coffee is disgusting, worse than what you find at a homeless shelter or soup kitchen.


I was sooo glad to read this, I thought I was going crazy. I 've been going to mcDonalds for years for my breakfast and late night plus.

About 3 months ago I notice something wasn't right took 2 sips and thrown away 3 different cups fr 3 different McDonald's I don't want to hear NO, EITHER YOU'VE CHANGE RECIPE OR COFFEE BEAN. so now I'll have to start making and caring a thermos like i did in the old days, and guess I'll be making breakfast too or Jim Dean breakfast sandwich


I thought it was just me! Ots so bad!

Well, this seals it. I'm done!


McDonalds went from my familiar favorite to undrinkable. The strange, fake sweet, acrid flavor is horrible tasting.

I thought they might have accidentally added a large amount of diet sugar, but the same rank flavor then next two times I got it. Now I am done.


OMG I said same thing to the McDonalds Manger ask for a new cup and was the same sweet weird dishwater taste. I'm done too


Mcdonalds coffee was the best now is horrable not happy now i go to dunken donuts. Not HappyMAD AT MCDONALDS NOW THAT PEOPLE ARE NOT GOING FOR COFFEE THEYLL LOOSE ALOT OF PEOPLE IN THE MORNING


Drunken Donuts? Sounds like a place that the Homeless would frequent! "I'll have 6 glazed donuts and a forty, please!"


The last two times we got McDonald's coffee - which was our favorite - it tasted sweeter somehow. Won't buy it again.