Topsham, Maine

News bulletin: Here in Maine my local McDONALD'S HAS DROPPED NEWMAN"S OWN ORGANIC COFFEE . Now after 25 years of selling specialty coffee (I now own a window cleaning company), I have developed a knack for knowing quality.

Getting a cup of Newman's Own Organic Coffee was THE main reason for me going to McDonald's rather than Starbucks. Recently I went through my routine of stopping at McDonald's for breakfast (the only meal I eat there). I typically get scrambled eggs, a breakfast burrito and a medium black coffee. My crew comes with me.

Driving down the road I told one of my employees that the coffee wasn't right. Not burnt, but weak, less complexity and of lower quality. The next day I did the same and it dawned on me after the first sip: Is it possible that they have dropped Newman's Own Coffee?". This morning when stopped in again, and asked a young counterperson if it were true, my suspicions were confirmed.

She proceeded to rattle off McDonald's rote jargon that they fed her about, "...well, it's still an Arabica coffee of the highest quality". Okay lady, I get it.

It's over. And I instantly knew that I had little reason to go to McDonalds any more nor will my crew whom I drive.

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What a Mcstake...


I noticed the same as well. I live in Canada, and I'm sure between us two countries, McDonald's had us hooked on the coffee.

Two weeks ago I had gone for my regular routine after work, and went for a bike ride to McDonald's to grab a coffee.

I had taken one sip, and knew that the coffee was slightly altered, or even destroyed by some bad decision making. Needless to say they just lost a good coffee customer, can't pull the wool over my eyes.


I agree! McDonald's coffee is the reason for going there.

It has changed for the worse.

It's obvious it a lower quality. We will never go there again!


Siri won’t be buying their coffee now!


Why change the coffee McDonalds? If it’s not broken why fix it?

We have told so many people to try McDonalds coffee. The new coffee is awful Our daily coffee destination will change and we will have no reason to visit McDonalds anymore if the coffee isn’t changed back or changed to something better!


This coffee is horrible! McDonald's was our favorite place to go for a great cup of coffee. Not anymore, the coffee stinks!


I cant drink the new mcdonalds coffee ..its horrible!!was getting one every day previously..please change back!?


Every Sunday I would go to mc d's for my sausage muffin and two large coffee for my parents, now their upset with the mistake mc d's did with this bad change


mc donalds bring back your original coffee


Now this is the second time I ordered coffee from McDonalds and it is definitely weaker than their normally wonderful coffee. If they’re not good to switch back to the good stuff, I will stay away. So for now, I’m done.


I do not like the new McDonalds coffee. It was the only coffee I drank while traveling.

I often purchased food while getting my coffee. When so many people enjoyed your coffee, why would you change?

to Anonymous #1424605

Same here in Omaha. Stopped for coffee this morning first time after several months and thought wow this is not the same strong full flavored coffee of the past.

AND it cost 29 cents more.

I went to the internet to confirm that is wasn't me. They did this same thing 20 some years ago and then changed back to a decent cup of coffee.


I used to go to McD for breakfast, now i go to Panera.....all because of the coffee.

to Li in Madison #1418254

I agree


REALLY wanted a coffee this AM; sawa McDonalds and was about to go there and remember how horrible the coffee has become, stopped at Cumbies instead.


Thank you for this. I am in Toronto, ON Canada and the coffee has changed here recently.

i thought i was loosing my taste buds. i told them but they offered to change it to the same awful coffee watered down. it is not the worst coffee i have tried. so, good bye MacDonald, where the coffee was the only reason to go and lineup!

it is sad to lose a loved one :) seriously, that was my morning joy. Back to Starbucks again.

Oh well, they must have done a market study and realized most of their customers can't tell the difference. it is hard to imagine a company that savvy in business would make such a move without study.


I thought it was me. I can not drink the swill.

Why? It tastes like turpentine.


Well, that explains a lot. I used to love McDonald's coffee it was my favorite.

Lately, it is been tasting like it was burned.

Even if I put enough cream and you try to mask the taste it doesn't work. McDonald's - I'm out!


I'm commenting on date September 9, 2017.

For the past 6 months I have been getting McD's coffee, large black coffee.

I usually get Speedway coffee and there I get to add many different flavored creamers, or real cream, flavored regular syrups or sugar free, and there is sugar and various non sugar sweetners. Speedways' price is about $.20 - $.30 lower in price for a "large" cup.

Speedway large that I get is a 20oz coffee.

They have 16oz and 24oz as well as smaller sizes.

McDonalds "large" does not appear to actually be 20oz. It's more like 16oz. And, it would be 16oz if the employee who pours the coffee were to actually fill the cup to it's actual fill line, and that doesn't happen consistently.

It tastes like McDonalds has changed their coffee over the past month.

To my palate the change is positive, a good one. Whatever McDonalds has changed is good imo. The current coffee has a richer taste, with sweet nutty notes, and a nice light smoky chocolate tone. Overall, the flavor profile is more distinct to the coffee they served before.

The former coffee was good too, but this new coffee is more distinctive and a nice positive flavor change. However, the new espresso cafe coffees are lacking in actual dense and deep "espresso" roast type flavor. And the worst thing McDonalds has done with their new espresso cafe coffee is the crazy high pricing. A regular, and quite good and flavorful, large coffee from McDonalds is $1.79 in my area.

A large vanilla cappucino espresso cafe coffee is a bit more than DOUBLE the price at about $3.79. At that crazy high price it's just not worth the added cost, not at all. I've ordered that vanilla cappucino twice over the past 2 weeks, and each time the coffee level was WELL BELOW the fill line. By weight to me the large vanilla cappucino feels like a small, and at nearly $4 that's nuts.

I will NO LONGER ever order McDonalds crazily overpriced espresso cafe coffee. It's just not that great, and the quantity is not what it is advertised or promised to be.

to TT GO1 #1393744

You are talking about McDonald's?

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