Dickson, Tennessee

nasty nasty $6000.00 plus hospital stay $1.00 deal what a joke. mcdonalds needs to pay these bills, low life bottom feeders,and geting worse not like any one is going to stop them!

why! your kids are mcdonalds ginny pigs!!!! port saint lucie florida heath dept. what a joke state of florida heath dept.

another joke!!!!! the state flat does not give a dam!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! state of floida needs to close this store! third world donkey meat being used,what up with that!

your kids and mine.

mcdonalds are using your kids as ginny pigs !!!!!!!!! time for this to stop!!!!!!!

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Is 'floida' like the 52nd state or something?

East Windsor, New Jersey, United States #208049

Could someone translate this complaint? I don't speak gibberish.

Allenton, Michigan, United States #207347

If you dont like them dont go there DRAMA QUEEN. :cry :cry :x :x

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