San Lorenzo, California
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I saw online where McDonald's puts lighter fluid in their chicken mc nuggets and a lot of other awful poisons and stuff and I think if this is true they should not be doing this and the food and drug should be monitoring this and not let them put poison in their food and people should be made aware of this so they can choose not to buy the chicken mc nuggets and tell them they want only chicken in them and not any poisons and if it is not true then why doesn't mc donald's sue them for saying it?

Product or Service Mentioned: Mcdonalds Chicken Nuggets.

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just dont eat there, the food is toxic for you even if nothing is added to it. the grease alone will kill u


I believe in Eugenics, just to get rid of gullible *** like you. Please drive your car into a fire and die there.


When they deep fry their turkeys for thanksgiving, they show where they catch fire and it can be very dangerous. But I never heard that the turkeys were full of lighter fluid. Joke's on you.


Yeah right, and if people were putting roaches in restaurants there would be restaurants with roaches in them....oh wait, there are. And if people got pissed and set fires there would be lots of fires raging....oh that's right, there are.

So guess these people who say they do these things, really do these things.

Or is everybody an ***. Ha.


dude your dumb if you believe everything you read and hear. they are rumors.

if there was lighter fluid in the mcnuggets then the kitchen would catch fire after dropping them into the vat to cook. you're an ***.


It's not that they do it in the restaurant, the article said the meat in the chicken mc nuggets, where it is prepared and manufactured, is where the lighter fluid is added, as part of the ingredients in the product. But what about customers who put cockroaches in the restaurant if they don't like their service or food or something, what about that?


lmfao thats total bull *** i work at mcdonalds and never have i seen them do that


It's ok, keep wondering why there are fires set and windows smashed and don't think for a moment it is due to your answers, ha ha,


There are drugs available for paranoid schizophrenia. Ask your shrink for them. BTW, don't come around Ohio, you're too scary!


:zzz that't cwazy


That's because rumors will go around no matter what a person or company does. That would be all that McDonalds does if they were to sue everybody that says something wrong. This whole post is a accusation itself.


If McDonald's sued everyone who said silly things about them, that's all they'd get done. This ridiculous rumor, that was started by kooks who think we need them to save us from everything, is like all those Internet rumors your gullible friends send you.

I don't eat much fast food anyway, but it's certainly as safe as any other food. We have enough worries without getting ridiculous about them.


Mmm mmm!! That lighter fluid sure does taste mighty fine!!

I'm gonna buy me a 20 piece meal today for lunch!! Mmm mmm!!