Brandon, Mississippi
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I was in McDonalds in Byram Miss. I ask for a Biscuit and egg delight no meat, first I get the sandwich there were meat drive through, I get out take it back.

They give me this one, biscuit half done cold and look like this. I am so tired of McDonald, they attitude is just as nasty as they are. They always make a mistake and then don't want to fix it.

You need adults working there and intelligent people. McDonalds is sad now

Product or Service Mentioned: Mcdonalds Sandwich.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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Not to be rude, but I'd assume that if you were concerned enough to go back inside and ask for another biscuit, I'd also assume that you would check out that biscuit and make sure it's okay before you leave. Not that they're in the right for making it poorly twice in a row, but you should've at least made sure the second was okay if it was that important to you.


Funny how you tell them that they need adults working there when you act like a small child yourself.


Maybe the problem is that McDonald's needs customers that use proper grammar and spelling. During the school day, which would include breakfast and there is school all day today, there would be adults working anyplace.

Furthermore, anybody that is mature enough to be working and holding a job isn't a kid/teenager. It sounds like you are the one that isn't an adult.


I agree, with the spelling and grammar along with the attitude this person is the one that is not acting like an adult.


still doesn't change the fact that she got a *** biscuit,and asked for no meat and that was not done correctly either, you don't know whether there were kids working or not,what if it was a high school drop out that didn't give a ***. you'll never know..