Brooklyn, New York
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Just wanted something light,went through McDonald's drive thru and ordered a Mcchicken sandwich light with the mayo.Pulled over to eat about 5 minutes later and bit into a burned dry sandwiched that I almost choked on.was so disgusted had to take a picture and threw it out.McDonald's quality has gotten worse whereas the competitors are getting better.very disappointed consumer

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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Since when is a fried chicken sandwich with mayo "light?"


Looks normal to me.


Yeah, quit trying to eat the whole thing in one ***, tubby. Also, ratchet down your unrealistic expectations.


How is "b-i-t-e" censored? What sense does that make?


In this day and age, idiots censor everything and ignore the fact that words are just words.


It's Mcdonald's not a five star restaurant, you get what you pay for. Besides the sandwich was NOT burned. You got it dry because you ASKED it to be light on the mayo.


It's $1.28 dude.... not that big of a deal.

The bun conveyor must have been too hot. That's what toast the bun and as for it being dry that's what mayonnaise is for


Look at that gigantic ***! No wonder you almost choked! Slow down!


This doesn't look as bad as you said... What did you expect from a $1 sandwich??


Ditto to that comment.