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I just ordered a sandwich from McDonalds in specifically asked not to put tomatoes on it because I am allergic to tomatoes! now when I asked for no tomatoes why is that so hard not to get right they were they were not even busy! I was the only one in the drive thru in there was no cars in the parking lot it was not like they were slammed and didn't make it correctly because they were so busy I just don't get it if I was to *** in the sandwich and eat this tomato my *** to be sit in the *** hospital right now! you think if you state that when you order that you're allergic to it that they would be a little more careful obviously not so now I have to look at everything that I order weather it is from McDonalds or wherever because apparently people don't care anymore!!

I do not know the store number but it was in North Myrtle Beach South Carolina off of Highway 17

Product or Service Mentioned: Mcdonalds Sandwich.

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Its mcdonalds, look at the employees... Good thing this is the worst thing to happen to you in day


Waahhhhh cry me a river!!!!


Boo hoo, what a tragedy.


People like you are reason why the legal system is bogged down with frivolous lawsuits. Come on, just pick off what you don't like and eat the *** burger.


For one, there is no protein chain in a tomato that would hospitalize you. Your allergy is an oral reaction that only affects the mucosal lining of your mouth with about 3-5 minutes of itchy discomfort.

Not deadly.

Unfortunately, you are allergic to reason and avoiding drama. For that I recommend large audiences to pander to on a regular basis about your scientifically un-based beliefs.


If you are allergic to any food then do not go to any restaurant that serves that particular food item.

You're like a kid who's allergic to peanuts going to visit Jimmy Carter.

to YouDipstick #980671

I'm pretty sure tomatoes are nearly impossible to avoid being flat out on the menu of any restaurant.


The answer to why we don't care about your *** food allergy is simple. You and other customers don't give a *** about the employees so why should we give a *** about you or your allergy?

Maybe I'm in the wrong line of work, but I haven't always felt this way about customers.

It happens when an employee been shat on one too many times and yes, I'm in college. Btw, I hope you choke on your food next time, ***.

Anderson, South Carolina, United States #952156

That burger looks great, too bad a p e c k e r h e a d ordered it.

Columbia, South Carolina, United States #833367

I am allergic to dairy and I am not surprised to hear this. The Burger King on Two Notch Road next to the Post Office put cheese on my sandwich.

to JavaFirst #971819

The horror. Another one who thinks their allergy is life and death.

You're only concern is gastrointestinal distress - not anaphylaxis. Stop eating places that risk cross contamination with foods that may distress you.


Doctors, lawyers, phsyciatrists and other high paying, highly educated professions make mistakes.

Why would you expect an under-educated young kid to be perfect?

You did the right thing by checking your food rather than expecting perfection.

Why are you eating at MacDonalds?

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