San Leandro, California
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Location at Serramonte blvd, Daly City in California is extremely dirty and unsanitary. Bathroom sink is black around the edges with Mold, around door handles and handles are black with ***.

Stall trash bins over flowing with trash on floor, toilet had urine and ring in toilet bowl. All windows in restaurant were so dirty with dirt and finger marks. Window ledges full of old bits of food, dust and dirt. The window at our seat had old dried ketchup all over the ledge and covered in dust as if it had been there a long while.

Because of the unsanitary condition of this location, my husband and I only purchased 2 pumpkin pies, sat down for less than 5 minutes and left. The McDonalds corporation needs to be notified, and if they already have this information and no changes are being made, they will be losing more customers (Which with the problems they are already having, they can not continue to have customers be turned away because of more issues with run down unsanitary restaurants).

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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So you felt so uncomfortable because of the sanitary conditions, yet you still purchased food there? I will give it to you, the pictures are horrible, however seeing that and you still chose to buy food that was made there... That's a you problem!

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