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Update by user Mar 28, 2015

Well its has been fun. I say its time to put this one to bed everyone.

I have enjoyed reading your responses. Plus i have a new complaint regarding my last visit to Subway. Please keep an eye out for that one. Its unbelievable how greedy these billion dollar companies are these days.

P.s. McDonald's does sale an items called Folded Egg!!!!

Original review posted by user Mar 02, 2015

Well its been a while but I am back. I had the most crazy experience the other day when trying to order 2 sausage Mc Muffins with folded egg it was like I was speaking a different language.

I told the lady let me have the number 4 it comes with 2 sausage muffins with egg. I asked for folded eggs and she just Lost it and could not understand that and after 3 minutes I say to her this can't be this hard please understand what I'm asking for. I want 2 sausage McMuffins with folded egg she still didn't understand that. Finally she got it.

Then once I looked at my receipt and walked away I see that I have one sausage McMuffin with egg I continue to laugh out loud I walk back to her and I say, it should not be this hard she's now looking pissed off at me, so I hand her the receipt and I said like I said four times in a row I want 2 sausage McMuffins with folded egg she still didn't understand it and I'm looking around like am I on candid camera, so she rang up another sausage McMuffin with folded egg and says that will be an extra 3.49. I have already paid 7.39 with the two 1 dollar burritos that I ordered so I said there is no way I am about to pay almost $11 for 2 sausage McMuffins and two 1 dollar burritos so she called the manager over now he's upset and said sir you can't split the orders I said I didn't split the order I asked for a number 4 which comes with two sausage McMuffins. She only charged me for one so then he says okay let me fix this for you please pay me $0.49 I pull my credit card out again now he's upset because he can't charge me 49 cent on my card so he finally says okay I'll just give it to you for free. This just goes to show that it's the simplest things that you order gets messed up.

I just don't understand it. Back in the days when the teenagers worked in McDonalds it was not this bad now everybody in these places are 30-50 years old and if anything deviates away from what's on the menu it's like rocket science to them I just don't understand it.

Now get this I never call a restaurant to complain but when I got home and tried to eat my burritos there were three little pieces of sausage and cheese. I give up!!!!

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Maybe you should try making your own sausage and egg mcmuffins at home if you are so p.i.s.s.e.d. o.f.f. at the way McDonald's is doing things.


Those people at Mcdonald's know to give me what I ask for now because if they don't I will give them a mouthful. I'm not taking anything off of the guys.

Although one of the guy managers is pretty hot! I want to ask him out but I haven't quite built up enough testosterone yet, but It's coming!

The things that I would let that guy do to me, he just doesn't know. I want him to handle me like the half wet c.u.n.t that I am these days.


LMAO! I haven't been on here since my name was hacked last year by this crazy unfunny comedian with the same name as me?

I cant understand how he pulled that off but okay.

I am just reading this garbage and it is funny how nothing was ever done about this nonsense! Even after I had submitted multiple complaints? " No response" O well what can you do right?

I must admit though!

A few of these post that he posted in repose on here and my Subway complaint had me LMAO! because I could not believe this was actually happening? This guy is a fricken ***..Why would someone do this? even how and why lol?

is what I ask? O well?


I'm going to report you! How dare you use my name! Shame on you, I'll have you shut down in no time!


Yeah we know, you told us that you are the one that likes it "up my corn shooter." Never heard that one before Tymboo, but it's colorful, I'll give you that much.


Hey everybody check out my latest complaints about Dominoes and how they treated me and my boyfriend. Check me out it's a good read!


Do your health a favor and just stop eating at these fast food places. Problem solved.


Tymfart is currently out of the room painting his toe nails, he will be back shortly. Please keep your tomatoes to your side and if anyone has bullets hide in the grassy knolls.


Lol, it is funny, McDonald's does have the folded egg you just kept on going on with the cashier and so on about it. No other McDonald's you can go to?


Yeah there is one about 2 miles in the opposite direction. I went there for the first time the other day and I must say what a difference.

This is a stand alone McDonald's unlike the other one that shares its location with a gas station.

Its my fault.!!! I should know better than to go to the McDonald's at the gas


Question Rambo, just how much of an old and ragged f.a.r.t are you? Your McDonald's story is feeble, paltry, and pathetic all in the same breath.

The only thing deviating from the norm is your harrowing enthusiasm for ignorance. That means your an I.d.I.o.t!


Wow you sound really *** right now. Someone is trying to speak some knowledge to you and this is your response?

Your response is that of someone who failed every class back in school and never had and never will have a high school or college degree. Advice: finished your sandwich.

Put the trash back in your metal lunch box and get back up on that tractor. How do get service way out in the middle of that field anyway?


First World problems.



It appears that McDonald's not folding eggs is the nation's biggest problem.


Naaaa its not a big problem at all. I just expect the people that actually work there would know what it is. Don't they train these people?


Your mama never trained you to shut up and go sit down some where? Do you feel that you have to comment and reply to everything? Just shut up blabber mouth.


Well i can answer that for you. Order a bacon egg cheese biscuit and it will have a folded egg on it, or order the big breakfast and it will have what is called a folded egg.

I don't understand the bug fuss about all of this. It's like i keep telling everyone. It is sold all day.

Every day at all locations. People on here are treating me like I ordered something out of the norm?


What is a "bug fuss"?


O my God did someone from New York just tell me that I should be quiet? Are you kidding me.

You people are the most loud and obnoxious, chatty, talkative, don't know when to shut f-up people on the planet. I bet you're running your big mouth as we speak. As soon as I stepped off the plane. All i could smell was ***.

Maby that's why you all talk so much. Its so you don't have to breathe in that horrible smell. Of all people you should be the one that just read my responses and moved on to your next subway. Take you *** back underground and try not to be such a bug!

Tone it down a little bit while your at it. We can all here you. Also stop being so close to people when you talk. We don't want you 6 inches away from our face every time you have something to say.

And stop touching me every other word. What's wrong with you people. Your evading my space.

Boy i tell you! You New Yorker's are a special group of people.


Please make it a longer time period the next time you decide to come "back" again.