Middletown, Ohio

Yes...Mcdonald's just messed up my order by placing mustard instead of mayo on my sandwich. But instead of calling the store, screaming like a mental patient, and demanding everyone from the manager to the janitor be fired and that I be compensated with a lifetime supply of free food - I'm going to enjoy my sandwich.

Luckily I had mayo at home that I could put on my sandwich to fix my own way.

So please, the next time you have a minor complaint, just deal without yourself. It's a sandwich - not the end of the world.

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You have to understand when you speak to buck apes and fat loud mouthed sheboons that work at Mcdonlds, you need to speak there language. You cant speak english and say, "May I please get mayo and not mustard?" You have to speak like the pavement ape speaks.

It should have been like this, "Yo sun, I dun wun no muzard on dat sheeeit yo!. I iz jus wunztin da mayo and sheeiit!" Try that next time. I had to "ax" a sheboon a question the other day.

"Yo baba, kan i ax u sutin? I needz da numbah uhdress uf diz stow an sheeiit!"

@Mr White

this *** is awesumz


Thank you for your sensibility! My husband will only eat his burgers plain, and we've both ended up with it 'full loaded'.

We check AT the location, either at the window, or move up for the next customer at check out. We are polite in noting that it's not what we ordered, and honestly, I've never had an issue with them replacing it. There's no need for fuss or bother, and truly, if we leave the location, we do not find it appropriate to call/return/etc. The kids are quite happy to receive this fallout!

The customer _may_ always be right, but rudeness is never so. :upset


Lol, there is another poster complaining because his precious daughter did not get ketchup on her burger, got A1 sauce instead at a fancy restaurant. If they want ketchup go to Mcdonalds, or teach their granddaughter to not be picky.


I couldn't have said that better myself.