Yesterday, I went to McDonalds, and i boght this chicken and i eat it and then i get diarrea 10 minete later. I call the polece and they say that McDonalds has serve me chicken with the swine flu and salmonella. stayed 10 days in the hospital



i cry

i cry

i sad

sad boi

very sad boi

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Sad Boy

Monetary Loss: $5000.

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If you had gotten swine flu, the results would have taken between 11-16 hours to take effect. PLUS, you would have had to be tested in the hospital for 1-3 days before this affirmation could be made. Don't lie about businesses


Do you have downs syndrome ***


Wow. Your post is so informative and articulate that I TOTALLY believe you.

Of course you get diarrhea 10 minutes after eating something, I know that is totally factual. Of course you would call the police for this issue and they would just inform you that you were served swine flu chicken. This is also totally believable.

Thanks for letting us know about this totally NOT complete and utter bu!!$h!t. :roll :roll


This post might have been useful if i could read it......and we wonder why this country is going to *** in a hand basket and I am willing to bet you probably cant get a job a McDonalds.


Where in heck is this McDonald's located? It doesn't do any good to complain if you don't give all the details.

Furthermore, why do something completely *** like call the police because you got diarrhea after eating at McDonald's? Are the cops medical doctor's too?

There is no way they would know if the food had been contaminated with anything. I think you have made this whole thing up, because anybody with an ounce of sense wouldn't call the cops for diarrhea.


Me 2

I got diarrhea and stomach virus from *** McDonalds