McDonalds.... seriously. I'm at a poker game, and convince my 14 other brethren to try your untasty McDouble with mac sauce... because mac sauce can change cardboard into a feast.... except you make me eat my words and now I cannot feed my poker buddies, because I call ahead, you charge me for 14 McDoubles, and you send me off with 12. So when I pass them out to my group.... who doesn't get fed???? Do you really think this will go over well??? Eff you. Goddam is it this hard to count?

When I called you back (You knew the same number I called with----and you hadn't bothered to call me to say the rest of my burgers were there)... you're like... oh, yeah, we must've missed you......... I must say, if you don't fix this ROYALLY, for your impudence, I am done with you. {news flash, social media}

Fix it. Savvy?

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Nasty food anyways. Why did you not check your order, dumb ***?

First Born Triplet

This is not rude, rude would be if she said something like "Welcome to Mcdonads' what the *** want, and ruder would be if she added the phrase, well hurry the *** up I have not got all day my lunch break starts in five minutes.


BOO HOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Check your order before you leave!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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