Mcdonough, Georgia
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I brought my granddaughters to McDonalds on Hwy 81 in McDonough, GA. There were at least 8 people working, but one waiting on customers as well as getting the food. Rest appeared not to be working. 2 people came in from drive thru that did not receive right orders. We finally got our food. Then ALL tables were dirty and needed whiped off. I did take pictures. We cleaned off our own table as did everyone else that came in. After being there 30 minutes, still no tables cleaned off. I saw a car in drive thru thst was asked to pull up for food and it took 15 min for them to bring out.

I heard one lady behind counter say she didnt know how to use cash register when a customer had a card for free sandwich from waiting in line one day so long.

You may need to check into management at this location as it is in sad shape.

We will not be going back.

A fun day with granddaughters was such a disappointment!!!

Oh and both containers of sweet tea were empty!!!!

McDonalds wake up. Where is customer service???????

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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That is what training is for. Everyone that is new does know how to run front counter. Stop belittling workers.


This comment is made up :/ they stayed at McDonald's for 45 min. I'm sure all the tables weren't dirty and if they were she never once mentioned that the tables were dirty


Granny, this isn't the web site for McDonald's. You are on a general complaint site.

Your day with your grandaughters might have been more fun if you had been paying attention to them, instead of what was going on all over the place. It seems like you had your nose all over, but not on your own face.

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