Chesterfield, Virginia
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This evening my family and I wanted to spend money at store 5503 - but we stood on the front line waiting for acknowledgment and it took almost 3 minutes. It is beyond belief that an on-duty manager and cashier could not notice a family of 4.

We took our money to another restaurant next door and had a great meal. This is poor and I would like to know when they will put customers first - not last. This is unacceptable and when I asked the manager is her and the cashier were trained to acknowledge guests, she was speechless.

Why spend my hard earned money if they will treat you less than the beggar on the street. In DC I give street folks my change and they at least say "Thanks" -- these people at Store 5503 appear to think we should give their store our money, just because they exist.

Product or Service Mentioned: Mcdonalds Cashier.

Monetary Loss: $30.

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Awwww, poor baby! He had to WAIT....

Sorry to tell you but there are other people in this world aside from YOU.

I'm sure that McDonalds is REAL upset about losing a gemstone like you as a customer. Grow the *** up ***.


Hmmm...can you say "petty"???

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