Scottsdale, Arizona

Store # 6085, 2247 E. Bell Rd, Phoenix, AZ 85032, Sat 14:41 PM, Comments: Rude management!

Patty, the manager on duty, refused to change the tv channel for three seperate families sitting at the playground round table which was playing an INSANITY workout infomercial at extremely high volume while the television opposite of us across the room was playing the kids animated movie Tangled with the volume off. All our eating children were wanting to watch the children's movie and asked us to get the channel changed too. After asking the employees politely 3 times we were refused by management! The frontline employees were polite and willing and completely understood, but management was on a RUDE POWERTRIP!

I was told the managers name is PATTY! There was no justification not to submit to our request to change the channel or at the very least turn down the volume which she would not do! Even with 3 families with 7 children asking! So I get to go to a McDonald's with a playground and listen to an annoyingly loud Fitness infomercial while staring across the room at a pleasant childrens movie which we aren't allowed to watch!

Talk about dangling the carrot in front of children and denying a simple enjoyment to multiple customers who will never return with this Patty lady managing! It was RUDE and absolutely ridiculous not to allow us to enjoy our dining experience with our children! At a McDonald's!? I'm in awe.

As a military officer and combat veteran I would not be wasting my time submitting this complaint if it wasn't so flagrantly rude. Please let me know when this is resolved so I may be proud to take my children back to McDonald's again. Thank you.

Very Respectfully, Captain, U.S. Army (Retired)

Product or Service Mentioned: Mcdonalds Manager.

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Mr. White its people like you that i cant stand!!!!

you racist mf'er. Not once in his complaint did he reference race so how can you say all this stuff?

Now if Patty turns out to be a white woman then what would you have to say?! I agree with the complaint, the tv's should all be turned to the same channel to prevent situations like this.


Mr. White, shut up, *** Angry customer, why does television have to be involved in everything we do?

What ever happened to, oh I don't know, conversing with your family members over a meal? In my house the TV and computers get turned off at mealtimes. My son and daughter have to hand over their iPods and phones. Only light music is allowed in the background...and OMG!

We talk to each other! What a concept!!

Dude, SIR, you should have been more concerned with your family time than arguing with the *** manager.

I mean, seriously. Come on.


guy at the top ... McDonalds is a restaurant...your home is a "family" place.


jedi knight ethan, since i just stumbled upon this site and was just browsing for fun, ill go ahead with this. mcdonalds is a "family" place.

a fitness program in a child playplace is ludicrous.

to insult someone for complaining about it is ignorant. go back to managing your mcd's and leave the angry customers alone.


Not giving you what you want is not the same as being rude. What a "good" parent you are.

You teach your children they should get what they want when they want and that the world revolves around them.

Besides Big Bruce is right, if your children were playing they won't be paying attention to what is on TV. Seems like you are the one with power issues and wanted the channel changed for yourself and you are using your children to make them look bad.


Its sounds like Patty is fat, bootlipped, blue gummed loud mouthed sheboon. The reason why these nappy headed sheboons act that way at MCdonalds, is because the company is now run by liberal, minority loving c_ock suckers.Ive dealt with sheboons that were rude, thuggish bottlipped thug bucks that would hit on white woman, greasy non english speaking beaners. If the manager were white the channel would have been changed, but with fat loud mouthed ignorant sheboons the only way it will work is if you offer her some crack, KFC, food stampcard, and Colt Fo'tay Five.


I didn't know people went to McDonalds to watch TV.


If your children were busy playing on the playground, why would they care what's on the TV? Is this what society has come down to? We must watch TV even if we are pre-occupied with something else?


Anyone with children would know that's just wrong! Thank you for your service.

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