Manchester, New York

i've been to a lot of mcdonalds (i travel quite a lot) and most recently, off of exit 43 the manchester mcdonalds is by far the nicest one i have ever been to. not only is it clean and sanitary but the crew members and managers are very polite.

if it is slow in there they will make friendly conversation with you while the food is being prepared and they will double check your orders to make sure that they are correct! the service is also fast before you are even done finished ordering your milkshake or smoothie is already in front of you and the drivethru is surprisely fast and friendly. if they park you your food is out in less than 5 minutes.

overall very good/fast service and friendly staff. 10/10 check it out

Product or Service Mentioned: Mcdonalds Milkshake.

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