Cleveland, Ohio

I love to eat at Mcdonalds when I want fast food. I've had Mcdonalds from all around the world even in places you would never think hay let's go to Mcdonalds.

I do under stand everyone and every place has its bad days but "every time" I've been to Mcdonalds on turney rd in Garfield hts OHIO the food was bad.

So much so that I never go there except when someone says hay want Mcdonalds and I forget where they are going and yes its been a while sence I've been there myself. If you care please do something about this tell then ill eat across the street where the food tastes like it is supposed to.

Monetary Loss: $8.

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Lesson to learn: Don't eat food that will kill you.

Clue: Anything on McD's menu.


Be warned BigBruce...I will be reusing your post many times in the future..that was an EXCELLENT reply!!!


Even a fly doesn't fly back into the bug zapper more than once.