Houston, Texas

Went to Mcdonalds tonight at 1619 17th st nw in Washington. Cashie and amazingly enough manager stood there for two minutes talking on his cell phone before he decides to wait on me, then I get the wrong food.

I decide to go to the Mcdonalds web site to complain, and naturally it is down or won't direct me. I have never been treated more rudely by a bunch of immature loser jackoffs in my life and it is so typical of this location and NO ONE cares!

This location needs to be closed. Mcdonalds doesn't care either.

Product or Service Mentioned: Mcdonalds Manager.

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Why do people think the world should stop and they should be the center of attention when they order food at a McDonalds of all places. And if you dont like how they treat you at a given restruant eat elsewhere.

Or try making food at your home. Either way the amount of *** given by the people working at the restaurant that you visited will be 0 if you never return.

Overall I suppose you are right. No one cares if you(probably one of the more rude) customers are just freakin peachy.


you're the immature loser, judging by the way you talk.

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