Ballwin, Missouri

We received coupons in our weekly paper which we get from Eldorado, Illinois. When my husband went into the restraunt on December 30th to buy some lunch, he gave the cashier the coupons and she told him she would have to ask if they would except them.

Someone came to the counter and said sir we can't except your coupons. It is pretty bad when we are sent coupons from the Eldorado area and can,t use them in that town. We were told we couldn't use them because they say on the coupons on the bottom only good in Evansville area. Why are we being sent coupons to use in our area only to be told I'm sorry we can't accept them?

We are very upset!! We usually enjoy going to McDonalds with or without coupons, but if you are going to send out coupons you need make sure they can be used.

Product or Service Mentioned: Mcdonalds Cashier.

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Very upset huh? Doesn't take much does it? I mean of all the things in the world to get upset about, a couple of 50 cent McDonald's coupons shouldn't even be in the top ten.


So true! My daddy is the smartest man alive......oh wait. :cry


From what I have been able to figure out about the coupons that fast food places send out, just for the city I live in is that they send them out to be used in the parts of town that the fast food places aren't as busy as they are in my part of town. I get all kinds of coupons from Dairy Queen, but they say right on the coupons which Dairy Queens they are for.

The same for some of the other fast food places. Being I use cabs to get around, I'm not about to spend $10.00 one way to go to a fast food place.

The coupons you receive in a newspaper are put in automatically. Some of the ones that I get come in the mail.