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McDonalds customers all suck you come in on a long line day or night and expect to be serve 30 secs of less *** most McDonalds workers work long non-stop hours without a break and made to feel that our only job is to serve 8 hours a day or night until we have to leave. McSlavery in the modern day.

Yes we are frustrated and tired of serving at least 110 plus customers a day per cashier and makings 100s of sandwiches a day non stop.

F***all you fast food consumers *** your own pickles now!!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Mcdonalds Cashier.

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Holmestrand, Vestfold, Norway #202575

She just needs to vent.


I'm sorry that your managers don't give you breaks but that's no reason to attack the people that pay your checks. I am an employee at McDonalds and when I go there I am there to work, to earn my money.

Every customer is another part of your paycheck. If you can't handle it then get another job.


HAHAHHAHAHA, you're so ***!!!! Let me teach you two words, ready??!!

"I quit." Try it.

I bet they could make a whole mess of french fries of your head, potato head!!!

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