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My daughter does not like cheese. She likes her Mc Donald's burgers plain with ketchup only. Can someone tell me why this is so hard to understand? I’m sure that I was speaking English because I don’t speak any other languages. This happens so much that I now get a kick out of telling the cashier their going to mess this simple order up. Most say I will make sure its correct. That’s when I immediately start laughing because I already know that when I open the bag it’s going to have onions, or mustard, or most of the time cheese.

I even try to help them by saying LOOK! All I want is (BREAD, MEAT&Ketchup) As soon as I get my food and open the bag I see cheese. Then half the time they get an attitude with me. Like it’s my fault? They then ask me to pull to the side and they will bring my food out. Well here they come 10 minutes later with a Burger this time there is no cheese but why does it have onions and mustard? Now they are really upset at me and I’m looking at them saying how hard can it be? MEAT, BREAD & Ketchup! Normally I’d say give me my money back and I would leave, but the kids love Mc Donald’s, so I can’t do that no matter how upset I get.

So now I say No. I will not pull to the side. Get my order correct I’ll wait right here. I am scared that they will spit in my food, so I check it every time. If I see spit I’m taking it strait to my lawyer for a DNA test. Thank God I have never had to do this. Sorry for venting to you all like this but it has become so annoying. My family has not enjoyed hot fry’s for god knows how long.

What should I do from now on everyone? I'm a good guy and I hate to have to make the person behind me wait an extra 5min, because these idiots can’t get the simplest burger order in the world correct. I even had one cashier tell me we don’t sale double cheese burgers with no cheese. I looked at her and said are you serious? You are kidding me right? It’s called a DOUBLE HAMBURGER genius! I guess that's why you work here. Give me my money back. I’ll go to another Mc Donalds out of my way first before I let you and your incompetent crew touch my food. She turned so red that I thought she was going to explode LMAO! O my god that was so fricken funny. I wasn’t even upset anymore after that. I drove the extra 4 miles to another MC Donald’s with a smile on my face and tears running out of my eyes from laughing so hard.

Next time you go try this. I guarantee you will get a kick out of it. Just say can I get a double hamburger with ketchup only. I’ll bet you they completely F&^%$ this up. So that I don’t get upset anymore. I always try to bet the cashiers 1.00 that they don’t get this right. The other day the cashier said OK. Then he went over to the cook and told him. Do you know the guy still put cheese on the burger. The cashier and I were laughing so hard. I think I got him in a little trouble but, I could tell he didn’t care. The manager was looking all upset because me the cashier and the customers were all laughing at the grill guy. CLASSIC!!!!!

Monetary Loss: $3.

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Hey, I hear you. I always order anything from McDonalds plain and most of the time they screw up my order and slather their disgusting special sauce or put other slimy stuff that I don't want.

Sometime, I may put ketchup on it, but only if it's from one of the packets that you can open yourself. They have real big Ketchup dispensers at my local Mcdonalds, built into the store, but I never get them because you never know when one of their idiot employees might spit in them or put some kind of secret sauce into them.


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Good for them you sicko.


I better not see you anywhere, you Cho-mo.


I realize that this is an old post and that you are probably just trolling. However, You should know that your IP address is being looked into.

If you are a registered sexual predator, I hope that you have been compliant with SORNA. If not you very well may have just incriminated yourself my making that statement.

FYI: Many people have been prosecuted for what you just did. Screen shot captured!


Ok, This is where pissed off consumer needs to draw the line. How dare yall print something as disgusting as this on this site.

i have had many funny posts that I made declined to be printed because of some dumb reason or another. this post this person made is offensive and should be removed.


I agree. As you can see my account has been hacked. I started this post about Hamburgers then some *** took my screen name and started posting all of this weird and obnoxious stuff.


This is really crazy. I cant believe this person has hacked me and posted all of this nonsense.

How is it even possible to have 2 people with the same account name. I even changed my password?


Easy Fix. There is an item on the menu called a hamburger..it comes with meat, bread, and ketchup...stop ordering the cheeseburger and then complaining when there is cheese on it


Why didn't you just ask for a plain hamburger happy meal..........................lmao


Then they wont put ketchup on it. It taste so much better with warm ketchup.




It's not working. What an azzze you are for believing that posting as the OP and trying to swing people in agreement with you would work like that.

You are really and I,d,i,o,t, punk asszzzeee, aren't you punk?

Get off the computer. You are waaaaaaay to immature to be engaging in grown up matters.

Drop off the planet. Go live someplace nice and dark, like say, the far side of the moon where mushrooms like you belong.


And here i have been led to believe that veggies (onions/pickles) and milk products (Cheese) were good for kids.....go figure. I wouldn't be so harsh on the McDonalds staff.....you get what you get when you hire part time and pay shat....


Your right LTCC. I only went hard after dealing with this lady for a long time.

It's right down the street from my house. I normally am not that harsh to others. Unfortunately I have given this lady too many passes in the past.

I normally would smile while gritting my teeth saying to myself be cool Tymboo (With my ventriloquist look on my face) Its not her fault that she has 2 stomachs and 4 *** Just pay for your food and leave. Thanks for your comment LTCC :)


@ original poster

I agree McDonalds has some of the dumbest people working for them! I use to ask for my burgers with ketchup only when I was a kid!

When I asked for ketchup only, the employee behind the counter would tell me " I have to ask my manager if I can do that." I just thought to myself are you kidding me? LOL :zzz :grin


Whoever wrote this complaint is a condescending ***.


Say PUNK, go eat something that you are allergic to and d...... (you know the rest).

Buh Bye!!!!


@ Punk You are a *** *** go back to being a punk b itch!


Punk wow what a great name! All I can say is your the best buddy lol!

Your not going to believe this PUNK, but I agree! Your right I do sound condescending. But It's only because of the simplicity of my complaint. Meat, bread and ketchup.

It's hard not to sound condescending when dealing with people that cant get the simplest things correct And have no brains at all. I might a well be fricken Albert Einstein compared to some one who cant fathom the idea of a burger with only ketchup. You should edit your name and call yourself PUNK ***

Why do I even waist my time?

Where do you get these people from? SMH!!!


I have the same problem except i only get ketchup and pickles on my burger and they can't never get it right