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My daughter does not like cheese. She likes her Mc Donald's burgers plain with ketchup only. Can someone tell me why this is so hard to understand? I’m sure that I was speaking English because I don’t speak any other languages. This happens so much that I now get a kick out of telling the cashier their going to mess this simple order up. Most say I will make sure its correct. That’s when I immediately start laughing because I already know that when I open the bag it’s going to have onions, or mustard, or most of the time cheese.

I even try to help them by saying LOOK! All I want is (BREAD, MEAT&Ketchup) As soon as I get my food and open the bag I see cheese. Then half the time they get an attitude with me. Like it’s my fault? They then ask me to pull to the side and they will bring my food out. Well here they come 10 minutes later with a Burger this time there is no cheese but why does it have onions and mustard? Now they are really upset at me and I’m looking at them saying how hard can it be? MEAT, BREAD & Ketchup! Normally I’d say give me my money back and I would leave, but the kids love Mc Donald’s, so I can’t do that no matter how upset I get.

So now I say No. I will not pull to the side. Get my order correct I’ll wait right here. I am scared that they will spit in my food, so I check it every time. If I see spit I’m taking it strait to my lawyer for a DNA test. Thank God I have never had to do this. Sorry for venting to you all like this but it has become so annoying. My family has not enjoyed hot fry’s for god knows how long.

What should I do from now on everyone? I'm a good guy and I hate to have to make the person behind me wait an extra 5min, because these idiots can’t get the simplest burger order in the world correct. I even had one cashier tell me we don’t sale double cheese burgers with no cheese. I looked at her and said are you serious? You are kidding me right? It’s called a DOUBLE HAMBURGER genius! I guess that's why you work here. Give me my money back. I’ll go to another Mc Donalds out of my way first before I let you and your incompetent crew touch my food. She turned so red that I thought she was going to explode LMAO! O my god that was so fricken funny. I wasn’t even upset anymore after that. I drove the extra 4 miles to another MC Donald’s with a smile on my face and tears running out of my eyes from laughing so hard.

Next time you go try this. I guarantee you will get a kick out of it. Just say can I get a double hamburger with ketchup only. I’ll bet you they completely F&^%$ this up. So that I don’t get upset anymore. I always try to bet the cashiers 1.00 that they don’t get this right. The other day the cashier said OK. Then he went over to the cook and told him. Do you know the guy still put cheese on the burger. The cashier and I were laughing so hard. I think I got him in a little trouble but, I could tell he didn’t care. The manager was looking all upset because me the cashier and the customers were all laughing at the grill guy. CLASSIC!!!!!

Monetary Loss: $3.

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I know huh??? Why is that so hard to get correct? What gets me is when they treat you like your the one that caused your own food to come out wrong. Its like the more simple your order is the harder it is for these geniuses to get it right.

Don't believe me? Next time Ask for fry's without salt. You might as well be asking them to reinvent the wheel or something.....

BTW Nikki I know this is way over your head, so let me respond before you even reply. Some people cant eat SALT. Its called high blood pressure. You fricken Rocket Scientist!

I know what your thinking and yes I am a mind reader.


Well if you worked at McDonalds in high school that was a long time ago.Things change you know.Why can't the little princess just pick the *** cheese off?Your children should do what you ask of them no reward needed.I'm sorry but in your rant you say your a nice person?A nice person would not get a kick out of playing *** kid games.I hope your kids are not in the car with you witnessing this.Or they will think it's ok to treat people this way.


So what you are saying to me Nikki is. I can’t have a double hamburger. I just have to accept the cheese then remove it on my own and throw it away? Answer this question for me. Is there anything on this planet that makes you sick when you eat it? If so do you want that stuff even touching the food that you are about to eat? I'm going to bet the house that your answer is no. Me personally I don't like pickles. Sure I remove them. It’s no big deal to me, but if it actually made me SICK, then it would be a big deal.

I am the nicest person that you ever want to meet, yea I joke a lot and I hope no one takes my attempt at humor seriously. Just a little state to state bashing and fun. I’m sure the South Dakota people will come back with some funny stuff to say about us Cali people after what I said yesterday lmao. But when you constantly have to deal with a person that acts like they hate customers. One of these days you’re going to tell them where to stick it.

My skin is thick! This was not the first the first time that this cashier has got an attitude with me. This was simply the last time that I was going to put up with her attitude. Honestly after I stopped laughing. I felt really bad for saying that to her. I admit that I should not have taken it that far. I probably hurt her feelings, But I’m sorry she deserved it. This lady is NO JOKE! I have seen it happen to others as well in front of me in line. One time I ordered food for me and 4 of the fellas(Dodger Game night at my place). I asked her for ketchup and she gave me 2 packs. I asked for more and she gave me 2 more. I then smiled and said 4 packs is not enough for 4 guys with 24.00 worth of food. Can I please have more? With an attitude and a mean look on her face she said if you want more you have to pay extra. Immediately turned and walked away. The manager was right behind her and saw all of this transpire. She calmly walked over and gave me a hand full and looked at her like really? I am sure that you have ran across people like this in your life. Well this is simply my story :sigh

Nikki yes it was a long time ago. But I tell what I learned a long time ago. That is that you don't *** off the people that are preparing your food. I have seen too many people food get spit in, picked out of the trash and reheated. I can honestly say that I have never participated in nasty things like this but others are not as God fearing as I am. I now drive 4 miles out of my way so that I don’t have to deal with this location any longer. BTW I would never talk like that in front of my children. This is normally on my way home from work.


O yea! Question?

Who doesn't reward their kids for doing a good job. I sure do! Santa Clause does lol. My job rewards me for bringing in extra revenue.

My wife reward me for being a great husband. My friends reward me for being a great guy. That's what life is all about. What goes around comes around.

Its the golden rule. Yea of course I don't have to, nor do I expect rewards, but to see that smile on there faces and see the kids run and jump in my arms and say thanks daddy. This is what I wanted. Just makes my day.

I guess you must be one of those mean Witch of the North mothers that are constantly yelling at you kids. That's okay its people like you that get older and wonder why your kids never visit you. Well its because. They will never forget how you treated them as kids.

Now there grown and they don't have to listen to you yelling and treating them like nothing is ever good enough. Nikki why are you so mean to the kid's.

Stop-it just stop. There just kids being kids.


@ nikki Shut up, you *** b itch!


I just looked at the McDonald's web site and on their menu they don't have anything like a double hamburger listed. The basic hamburger is listed with minced onions, pickles, ketchup, and mustard.

Nowhere does it say, "have it your way." If you want sandwiches done your way, you have to go to Burger King. It is time for your spoiled daughter to grow up.


Really? So my lactose intolerant daughter cant get a burger without cheese unless we go to Burger King?

I don't think you checked the menu online. I think you actually work there. Because you sound just like the geniuses that cant get the simplest burger in the world correct.

I worked for Mc Donald's when I was in high school.

And its called a Double Ham. Most people just say a double cheeseburger with no cheese, or a double hamburger no cheese please, but on the cash register and on the order slip it would say Double Ham. What time does your shift start today anyway lol. I'll swing by and maybe you can throw some extra fry's in the bag.

O wait your in South Dakota. No one visits there.

Wow you mean to tell me they actually have internet in South Dakota? LMAO


Well, lookie how's all over the pissedconsumer site. It's anonymous from Sioux falls, SD.

Exactly how many names,and different sites are you on after all.

And you are spwewing the same hatred on this site as you are on all the others, huh.


This wasn't supposed to post. I was just messin' around and published by accident.


You sound like a complete royal pain you know where. If your complaint is even true, it sounds like you were just plain trying to make trouble.

You also shouldn't have been driving with tears in your eyes, that would impair your vision. Furthermore, IF your kids are so young they absolutely need McDonald's because they love McDonald's, they are too young to be having two patties of meat. In fact health wise, adults don't need two patties of meat either.

If it was my kid I would tell her to eat what she got or go hungry.


O Wow another person from South Dakota! Really? Impair my vision huh lol. I guess you took that literally? Do you even have contact with people? Its called Sarcasm. I'll wait while you look that word up..... You ready now, okay lets go. When my daughter comes home with a great report from her teacher on Fridays. I treat her to her favorite place, MC Donald's. We were the same way when we were children don't you remember?

Too many parents forget that they was a child once. You see in actuality you are the one that sounds like a royal pain. I can picture your face right now yelling at your daughter "EAT WHAT I GOT YOU OR GO HUNGRY" I don't know about you Grinch, but I reward my children when they do what I ask them to do. I will take the little girl to Mars if that's where she wants to go. All is ask is that you do your school work and bring home A's to daddy. My girl run's track & is a cheerleaders so one double burger a week is not going to hurt her.

BTW I wasn't trying to make trouble I was cool as the other side of the pillow at first. It was until she started looking and talking to me like you do when your saying "EAT WHAT I GOT YOU OR GO HUNGRY" I sure hope your not missing any teeth while saying that because then I would literally have impaired vision. Now you hurry up and get that wood chopped and get those clothes off the line. Lets see its 3:00 my time so its going to be dark soon :)


Great job telling his yahoo off, Tymboo115!

Please look around the pissedconsumer site, and you will see this *** giving editorials like this to other parents. The best one yet is the one from Golden Coral or one of those buffet styled restaurants.

A child DIED! This person and others (probably the same person under different names) actually blamed the mother for killing the child who had a reaction to a food allergy.

Please do some research and see just how vile these professional repliers are. You will be appalled. Your child or her food allergies means nothing to them. Check around. Some of their comments are disgusting and amazing.


I will thanks! Because I sure tried to let this *** have it. lMAO

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