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I know people make mistakes, but these days at McDonald's, it's getting crazy. I would say 9 out of 10 orders are wrong.

Almost every time I order a hamburger, I get a cheeseburger. I started ordering a Hamburger without cheese and they would say "A hamburger doesn't have cheese on it" and I'd reply "if that is true, why is there always cheese on my hamburger?"

It's good for me and my weight to actually stop going, but sometimes, I don't feel like cooking after working 14 hours straight (I own my own business and put in long hours).

I know humans can make mistakes,but come on, it shows up on the screen, and all they have to do is put the right items in a bag. It's not rocket science.

Product or Service Mentioned: Mcdonalds Cheeseburger.

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I'm allergic to dairy and state this with every order, I also repeat no dairy so no cheese no sauce, just burger, bacon, bread. They say no worries, yet still have to go back as the dozy numbskulls put cheese above and below the burger... McDonald's need to teach food allergy to staff so they understand.


I order my *** premium snack wrap and these people *** up my order. Im done with these people, fine mcdonalds taste good.

But you *** can't even give correctly fill out an order.

Is it that *** hard? I should even tell them what i want i should just tell them how much money i am willing to pay then go through and get a random meal.


There's one guy at the Bloor/Huntley location in Toronto who always messes up my order. I'm sick of getting home only to realize I wasn't given a drink, and I was given a quarter pounder when I ordered a big mac.

To add insult to injury, this guy ALWAYS doles out the fries asap, so they're ice cold by the time my burger is ready. Never going there again.


I quit going to my local McDonalds in Forked River NJ... The *** teenagers who work the register are too busy texting & gossiping to pay any semblance of attention to what I have to say, or what I order.

I ask for a large Sprite, they ask me "What size?"!!! They screw up my order every time I go there (I eat inside, not drive up). The last straw was when I ordered 3 regular burgers and there was NO MEAT on them!!! Ketchup, pickle, diced onion, bun, but NO meat!!!

Of course I took them back & they made good on it, but that's not the point. Teens, get your head out of your *** Sure it's a *** job, but if you don't like it there, find a different *** job.

Show some freakin' responsibility OK?? See you at Wendy's...




McDonalds employees are not all ***, they just don't get paid enough to care. McDonalds pays them just enough to buy some pot and take the bus to work.


Always check your food before you leave the drive thru.

Make sure that the order is correct and that there is no body hair or unwanted fluids on your food.

Also don't eat there more than twice a month because the food is very fatty. I only eat there about once every couple of months as a treat but knowingly that the food is not very good for me. Today was the first time I ate there in the last four months and once again they got my order wrong. The manager did take care of it real quick though.


Actually they fired me because I was not following their safety procedures. I admit that this is why I got hurt, but I think they only fired me because they did not want to pay for workers comp.


Actually they fired me because I was not following their safety procedures. I admit that this is why I got hurt, but I think they only fired me because they did not want to pay for workers comp.


I got hurt on the job working for Mcdonalds and they fired me because i file workmends comp. now i sit in pain 24/7 with no job or no way to get out of pain.

they cut me off w.c and left me for dead just about. this is the way Mcdonalds treats there employees.

This is why you get sorry people working for them they get what they got coming to them. for every good person like me who gets hurt in the line they fire and replace them with some one that is not half as good as i was.


i swear i just lost 5 iq points from reading this complaint. really??

you complain to a cashier about previous orders? really?! they have no idea what you are talking about! do you know how many orders they take an hour, let alone since the last time you came?

they don't care and honestly, if a slice of cheese from mcdonald's is gonna make or break a diet, you need to re-evaluate. try p90x and grow a garden...


Check, check, double check, then check again. I have a problem with fats food eateries messing up my order as well, but all you have to do is check your food.

OR as Irish said, scrape the "cheese" off. In my opinion, the reason they mix up Hamburger and Cheeseburger is because, And this is just what I think, the majority of people order cheeseburgers and going through the same *** every day it just grows on them and becomes a force of habit.


Well you may not feel like cooking after working 14 hours straight than maybe you should go to bed without food. No one should have to deal with you.

Funny how you are the only one whose order is messed up nine out of ten times.

I think I know why, they charge more for the cheeseburger than the hamburger, but you order the cheeseburger cause it is cheaper. Well even if you do work 14 hours a day I am sure it wont take long for you to take the cheese slices off.


Guys, the person is talking about McDonalds, not their congressman. Mcds is awesome, they suck at taking orders, but they rock at burgers,fries, kids meals, and price!

They also employ a lot of people that, lets face it, would never be able to get a job anywhere else. So when I feel like having some mcds I prepare myself, I think about the fact that I'm doing a service to my community, keeping people employed and the mcds playground open for the kids in the neighborhood. I DONATE 5 bucks and I get a fatty, greasy, but delicious meal.

If I aproach it any other way I'm screwed. Have fun and enjoy.


Hey June,

The order even appears correctly on the screen that the customer sees in the drive through, so I'm obviously speaking clearly. I have had them screw up the order inside as well.

yes, I have stopped going all together, chill people.


Try Lean Quisine. They only take minutes in the microwave and are much better for you than McDonalds.


I couldn't help but laugh at this... Have you thought that maybe the problem could be you?

If you are going through the drive-thru and the orders are constantly wrong...maybe they aren't hearing you clearly...? I suggest that next time you CHOOSE to go to a fast food place...go inside...and check your order before you leave.


Honestly, if they mess up your order so much, then WHY do you continue to go? Obviously they are doing something right for you to keep going back.


I used to keep going back because Corporate told me they were going to fix the problem. HA HA HA.

That was a good joke on me. I did give them a chance, but not any more