Collinsville, Illinois

Me and my daughter went through the drive thru to attempt to get a quick meal, which in turn ended up being a complete disaster. First they girl kept messing up the order when I was telling her what we wanted, she put up an individual sandwich even though we said we wanted the meal, messed up our drinks on the monitor and then proceeded to continue with problems completely messing up the whole order with totally different food than what was ordered.

She asked us to pull around to the window, still trying to fix the problem, she needed a supervisor to fix the mess up. The girl proceeded, and told me the price which was totally different that the first, and said the girl was in training, I told her that if she was trained right she probably would not have these issues. I also told her that for all the problems I went through I thought we deserved one of the meals free. We went to the next window, got our drinks, which were not full, were then told to pull forward because the fries were not ready.

Needless to say, they still were not fully cooked when brought to us. My daughter said she was very disappointed and did not think that waiting 20 minutes for fast food was right, when we can wait for a plated meal as a regular restaurant in less time with better attitudes. I think the cashier should be talked to and retrained to work with people and change her attitude or not train at all- KS#12 is her number and the McDonalds at 848 S. Morrison, Collinsville, IL.

Store # 17960.

Thank you, Yvonne Vojas I am very upset and will not EVER go back there again, and will also tell my friends and call the BBB.

Monetary Loss: $13.

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Why don't you try working at the drive thru at a McDonalds then you will see how hard It really is to work it you got all these beepers and buzzers going off around you and it is hard to hear what you are ordering the best thing she could have done was to have you pull up to the window to take the order, and as far as the fries go sometimes they don't cook properly due to lack of heat in the oil or a low oil level. I know this because I used to work at a McDonalds and was one of their best French fry cooks they had so I know what I am talking about and I appreciate all of you who are defending McDonalds thank you very much.


KS 12 is the register number, not an employee number. KS 12 & KS 13 is drive thru, and KS 01, KS 02, and KS 03 are frount counter.

The employee numbers are not used on the reciepts at all.


you're a loser, seriously. you don't get a free meal because you had to wait longer, who made you queen of fast food?

get over yourself and accept the fact that the employee was new. that's part of learning about working, experiencing it. the only experience she got out of that transaction was that there's gonna be crazy people like you.

and MsLea, you've gotta be kidding me. you think you're more special than anyone because you pretend to have a husband that works for Walmart Home Office.


Wow, who died and made you so special? Go back to Mexico if America keeps wronging you.


For Christ's sake - do you think you are special? Giving the employee attitude because she is new? If you are such a Godd?mn expert on customer service and fast food, why don't you apply for a job there and work for minimum wage all while smiling at the customers while they yell and make insults at you for making a slight mistake.

If you owned a restaurant, I would assume you would offer it at a loss if you gave customers a free meal each time a little mistake was made.


Good heavens this isn't anything to complain to the BBB about. The manager told you the girl was in training.

Were you perfect at whatever jobs you have had, when you first started being trained? As cheap as fast food is compared to other restaurants, you can't expect perfection, every time.