Honolulu, Hawaii
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I ordered 2 quarter pounder with cheese sandwiches (one for me and one for my boyfriend) both sandwiches were to be: no mustard, sub dehydrated onions, and add shredded lettuce on both sandwiches. When I got to the window to pick the order up and we got to our destination, we went to eat our sandwiches and both had mustard oozing off the bun, both sanwiches had slivered onions and no shredded lettuce.

Needless to say, I called the store and told the manager how my sandwiches were and how I wanted them, the manager got very rude with me by telling me there was nothing they could do since the sandwiches were not checked there at the restauant and she hung up on me.

I have then quit going to mcdonalds and I have since started going to wendys. At least at wendys, they know how to fix sandwiches and plus I get treated with respect (the way a customer should be treated!!!!

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If you are old enough to drive you are old enough to check your order. People do make mistakes.

For example you don't use capital's for proper nouns such as Mcdonalds and Wendy's.

See not everyone is perfect. Then again I get the feeling that you work at Wendy's and are bashing Mcdonalds to make Wendy's look better.


Um, if your order is wrong, you take your lazy *** back into the store and show it to them. Not eat the sandwich, go home, and call the manager.

I would have hung up on you too. DERP.

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