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my daughter and I took the drive through yesterday 08-23-2016 abt. 4:30 p.m.

ordered a happy meal with hamburger ketchup only, with coke and 2 French fries,a plain sundae, a regular hamburger and that was it. Got to window and asked for extra napkins server said they are some in the bag. I looked, I said no just a hamburger, she did not want to give any, but we got them and thought we got everything. But we drove around to entrance, my daughter said where is my sundae?

I said well honey they forgot it, so we enter the building and asked for our sundae. We got that, and it was not filed up, but we said nothing about that, I told my daughter they are just busy that's all that's okay! We get to the car my daughter opened up her happy meal and no extra French fries that comes with the meal, my daughter said that's okay and the weather was very hot out. I said lets go back from drive through, ok.

there was a long wait with just use at the helm. Server said just drive through and we will fix whatever was missed, I asked for a sundae with strawberries and got no answer. We get to the second window, I said! I would like to see the Mgr.?

He came to the window, I explained to him what the problem was. He left the window before I was finished. He brought a happy meal French fry back and said nothing, turned around and walked off. I had to get server attention back, I politely said, can I see the mgr.

again? he left to quick, I said. I asked him to give us a sundae with strawberries for our trouble, He NO I can not give out FREE FOOD. But I did not want to get free food.

Which he was not wearing a name tag. Which I thought was odd, But I said nothing about this. If you are indeed a mgr. I said!

you could, and he was looking inside my car more than wanting to take care of business, if you was indeed a mgr. NO! I CAN NOT GIVE YOU FREE FOOD!!! I asked him first for company's customer care service number, he said get on the internet and pull it up.

Then I asked him to write down his name for me and he said I can not do that either.; So! I said okay! we will see about this. After I seen that I got no help from him, Just NO!

on everything. I am adding this, Before my daughter and I went in the first time I noticed a sign up got out front, a big one, saying something like, ( I am happy to be here for you ) We'll I am sorry but, that service was one of the worst ever, they didn't say Thank You come back again, no smiles, etc..... house needs to be cleaned because that one stuck. And I Preach at a local daughter and I also sing together there.

But what kind of satisfaction can we get from store or your family? could not read terms of service, we can be reached at ( 937-367-8658) Please leave a message.

The mgr. needs terminated.

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