Toowoomba, Queensland
Not resolved

Ordered a meal plus an extra burger, missing a burger that was paid for and everything was cold plus the fries were harder than concrete. Went back and manager refused to speak with me claiming she was too busy...haha.

Insisted on my money back which I got in time, had to be ok'd by the manager who earlier was to busy. Then proceeded to complain on maccas complaint site, which does not work. It continually deleted my info as I hit the submit button. After trying approx 12 times before finally having success, I recieved an automated response "we will be in contact within a week" what a pack of lies and bs.

The complaints site is obviously set up to waste your time and not allow a complaint to be submitted, saves on wages that way I suppose. No one has attempted to contact me and I doubt they ever will. Even asked to speak to the store owner, my phone number was taken weeks ago but guess what....I'm still waiting for that call. Now I have made a sign on my construction site (with 900 workers and 2 maccas within 100m) telling everyone not to shop there because they are crooked thieves.

It's already having an impact on their sales and I expect it to deter even more people.

I haven't even mentioned my hatred of the practise of using 457 visa workers from the Philippines while our own kids can't get a job... Shame on you mcdonalds.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: I will never go back because I know you won't try to contact me ever!!!.

McDonalds Cons: Service.

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