Norfolk, Virginia
Not resolved

I am a routine customer here due to location. A week ago I bought dinner for my family to go, when I returned to my home I found the order to be incomplete.

I called the store and the lady I spoke to said they did notice the items did not go out. I read the receipt number to verify it and she took my name. She then stated they have my name and when I stop by again just give my name and the food would be given to me and the receipt would not be necessary. Today I went to the drive through, explained the situation and gave my name.

The lady repeatedly and condescendingly proclaimed she had given me this and said she cannot help. It was $2!

I was insulted, i'm not a crook. It's about principle, and I will never return to this location nor will my family.

Monetary Loss: $2.

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When you order take out, it is always smart to check the order before leaving the site. I don't know why people can't figure that out.


Its always best to correct a situation immediately (especially if the establishment admits fault)...not wait for when it is convenient for you are now finding out. I bet you go back.