Charleston, Illinois

I ordered 6 big mac combos and added bacon to them all and there was none on it my fries where cold I. Could not believe as much money I spent and they mess it up OMG!!!!!

I got home thinking we was going to get the dinner we wnted I will be going some where else net time I want a bacon cheese burger.

I hope someone figures out and maybe train the griller to read the orders my kids love the happy meals and now I won't go there again . Maybe if someone fixes this my kids will start to get to get them again

Product or Service Mentioned: Mcdonalds Burger.

Monetary Loss: $36.

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Wow, glutton much? Maybe it's God's way of telling you to go on a diet. ***


Good for you, I'm glad to see the mentally challenged trying to order food for themselves.


Hey Holy Cow, I hope for your sake that you be trollin, just like the OP, because it is obvious you really can't tell what a troll post is. And who the *** gets food from McDonalds in the first place? If you get food from their dollar menu, you must be a worthless pos on welfare, amirite?


well maybe next time, order one burger instead of 6 for yourself. and if you really were ordering for other people, you should say we were. not we was.


"They are usually young folks that are not mature." Customers are usually old G33Z3R5 who have nothing better to do then whine over every little detail about their order, while they spend 6am to 11am in the dining room getting refills on their coffee they bought at 6am.


A Big Mac, which is also a Bacon Burger? You should send that idea in to the McDonald's headquarters.

I think they are hurting for new ideas, and that one might work for them.

Look, most of the people that prepare food at McDonald's have little, or no experience as cooks. They are usually young folks that are not mature, and do not take their minimum wage job seriously.

Your best bet is to stick with the dollar menu. That way, when something goes wrong, it is not such a great loss.


Your kids don't need big mac combos, they need happy meals. They don't need to be eating that much.

Next time when you want a bacon cheeseburger don't order a big mac and you won't have a problem. The problem is not their reading skills, but your ordering skills.


Accidents happen. You could have easily resolved the issue with a simple, polite phone call.

Put on your big girl panties and deal with it.If this was the worst thing that happened to you all day, consider how fortunate you are.