Concord, North Carolina
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Today I stopped by this McDonald to pickup a quick dinner for the kids. Order contain 1 20 McNuggets, 2 Bacon Club combo Meals, 2 McChicken for a party of five.

When I got home 2 Mcchickens and 1 Bacon Club combo weren't in the bag. Call the change and spoke with the manager. She agreed to replace the missing items plus throw in extras for the inconvenience. So I drove back 2 miles away to get the item, got there I explained to them it was not the first time that they didn't complete our order.

After five minutes the manager handed me the bag and after I look into the bag and realized a Bacon Combo was still missing I said "that's it" and she said "yes that's it" Too *** off to deal with them I just left.

Will never go back to this sorry people working there again. They have screw my orders three different times already at this one place.

Product or Service Mentioned: Mcdonalds Manager.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $20.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

McDonalds Cons: Service, How the manager solve the issues.

  • Irresponsible
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I can tell you I worked fast food and this type of thing does happen. people are sometimes in too much of a rush to make sure the order is complete and just assume it is and try to push people out of the way for the next customer to keep their times down.

now while when I was a manager we always did our best, it happened and we would correct it.

it starts when ordering though. if the person behind the counter doesn't repeat the order, POLITELY ask them to, so as to ensure it's being entered correctly as that's where many mistakes start.

once it's done take a minute to check what they give you versus what you ordered it doesn't take all that much time to do so, if something is missing/wrong have them fix it THERE. don't wait till you get home to then call & complain it makes your complaint less valid, though many will still fix it.

in closing, people need to take responsibility for themselves, yes it's the restaurants job to do the order properly but if the customer is not checking it how will they know there's something wrong?

oh yeah that guy that came in 20 minutes ago was missing a couple things in his bag.

which one? there were hundreds of people in that amount of time.


It is up to the customer to check the order to make sure everything is there, before leaving the store. It is no more there fault than yours.