Every now and then, I get a craving for McDonald's, most especially their french fries. And now that I am a grown woman, I can handle a Big Mac. So this is what I always order.

My family members are homebodies so we prefer to use the drive thru and eat at home. It's not a far drive and the service is pretty good, can't really complain there.

What I am tired of is the last three times we used the drive thru, we came home to find at least one burger was missing meat. Twice, we got Big Macs with no meat in it and once a cheeseburger with no meat. Three times in a row! That is ridiculous and made me upset enough to never go there again. I am pretty sure that McDonald's makes their burgers ahead of time so there is no way of knowing if they are made properly after they are packaged. They should change this.

I have taken my business to Wendy's. Their meat is fresh, you can order your burger the way you want and the burger is made when you order it. I've never come home to find anything missing from their burgers, especially not a meat patty or two.

I should note that I did not go back through the drive thru to get this corrected because that is just a huge hassle. Would have to drive all the way back there while my food sits at home and gets cold. I think taking everything back and getting a completely "fresh" order isn't going to help because I am sure I'd still be missing meat in one of the burgers. I mean, do I really have to park and unwrap everything just to make sure? Nobody should have to do that.

I won't ever go back there. Missing ketchup or pickles is one thing, I can just add that on if I need it that badly at home. Not having any meat whatsoever on a Big Mac is just ridiculous. I was just lucky that another member of my family had ordered a Big Mac and gave me one of the patties just so I had half of a proper burger. And I gave one of my Big Mac patties to my sister who had a cheeseburger with no meat on it.

So yea, I haven't had a real Big Mac in several months. Guess I never will as I refuse to eat there. Anyone looking for awesome burgers should definitely check out Wendy's. We used to have a Burger King, but they never seem to last in this city. (Edmonton, Alberta, Canada)

Missing things in burgers (esp. meat) can be avoided with a small change like not making burgers ahead of time, hiring more sandwich makers and making the burgers as the order comes in. It's not rocket science. Use your head, McDonald's. I have gone back to calling you Rotten Ronnie's and that is really, really sad.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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I used to work at Wendy's so I know for a fact that their meat is not frozen. They don't go on the grill looking like hockey pucks.

I did not know that McDonald's had started making the burgers as they are ordered.

I'm glad they do though so perhaps the missing meat was just a result of a worker being a *** or not paying attention. Possibly just really tired or having a horrible day just like any other human being.

I was certainly not trying to get free food. I just didn't understand why this happened 3 times in a row over the course of maybe one or two months. I am sure I am not the only one this has happened to.

Laziness is not the issue.

Plain and simple, customers should be satisfied 99% of the time and not have to feel that they need to make the trip back there to get missing food, the proper order or whatever other screw ups they come across.

But you have said that they now make burgers and whatever as they are ordered so it is certainly worth giving them another chance. Thank you.


From what I have been hearing McDonalds has started making the food as it is ordered too. I would be willing to bet the hamburger at Wendy's comes pre-shaped and frozen just like at other burger places.

Being it is your word against theirs, being you were too lazy to take the food back so they could see what was wrong with it, what did you expect? To me it sounds more like you were trying to get free food.

If any fast food place hires more workers the price of the product will have to be raised and then you would be whining about that. It sounds like you should do some growing up.

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