Chicago, Illinois

The new game at Mcdonald monopoly where supposedly 1 out of 4 wins it's either that don't apply in Illinois or it's a very big lie I have bought hundreds of products since the game have started but I have only won a couple of times I buy a smoothie everyday before and after work sun-sat and only won twice .the newly featured instant winning game is advertised daily on television and public radio and has no truth behind it. the real goal of the game monopoly is to only make a mcdonalds a more monopolistic business by scamming it's consumers through filthy lies

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It is a scam to get the company more money because everyone FLOCKS to mcdonald's during the Monopoly season in an attempt to win free food. I remember seeing a man get mad that he didn't win anything and demanded a refund for all the food he bought trying to win something.

Monopoly brings out the crazy in people.


From what I've just read I have determined the following:

Scenario A) You are the textbook definition of an ***

Scenario B) You've spent enough money to buy 103 Monopoly board games

Scenario C) It's people like you that make McDonalds the most successful fast food chain on Earth

Scenario D) Santa Claus used to be an insurance salesman


First off, it's a statistic. If means 25% of all stickers have some prize. You have to collect the stickers to win the car.