I was viciously attacked by the store manager when trying to speak with him. He order me out of 'his store,' yelling he would call police.

This man is deranged and vicious. His name is Oscar at the Village Cnt shopping cnt las vegas . Workers are very quiet and unfriendly due to his take over as manager. Customers are uncomfortable.

There more.... may file a law suit. I am extremely tramatized. Lots of seniors who meet up at this store.

I am one of them. He viciously says " this is a fast foood restaurant. You sit down, eat, and leave." This man abuses women.

I am one of them. Last, I feel this guy is illegal and working on stolen SS NUMBER.

Product or Service Mentioned: Mcdonalds Manager.

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Where the *** do you get the idea he is here illegally with a stolen social security number? You slandered him. He may have been wrong for "yelling" (who knows if it's even true) but slandering is a worse offense.


Can't you be nice in your final years of life?

Funny Mann

Not saying yelling at people is OK. But I go in these places and a bunch of older people just take up space drinking coffee for hours.

He is right go in eat get out. It's only fair for the other customers. Now if it was young kids the older people would complain about them.

Here's a thought pick a different house each day or week avoid McDonald's. Let the people come in eat and get out.


Have you been checked for Alcheimers?


Go take your meds and nap and you will feel better soon! :roll :roll :roll :roll :roll :roll :roll


Some people in this country think it"s okay to abuse seniors...till the little *** become one...