Big Spring, Texas
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(The following message is what I sent to McDonalds via their website)

My mother took both of my children into your location for breakfast on the said date. My daughter was the only one of the group that visited that ate Egg in her McGriddle. We were scheduled to leave for Vacation that evening. Long story short, our vacation ended up with 4 different hospital visits, three of them being 400 miles from home. My daughter was diagnosed with Campylobacter. Google it for yourself, as I do not have time to do so with a very sick child on my hands. I have paperwork that beats the white house on what has happened to us due to your uncleanliness and nasty service. Please look into the batch of egg on the said date so that no one else has to go through what we have. I assure you this will not be the last you hear from me.

The following information is locations in which we visited to have her seen due to this very terrible illness.

Complete Urgent Care Clinic5222 De Zavala RdSan Antonio, Texas 78249(210) - 561-4433Attending Physician - Brian N. Sabowitz

Methodist Children's Hospital Medical Center7700 Floyd Curl DriveSan Antonio, Texas 78229(210) - 575-7000 Attending Physician - Morey J. Silverman

University Hospital Medical Center4502 Medical DriveSan Antonio, Texas 78229(210) - 358-4000Attending Physician - Dr. Olson

Mitchell County Hospital997 West Interstate 20Colorado City, Texas 79512(325) 728-3431Attending Physician - Chip Payne

Monetary Loss: $5237.

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The last time I was in the McDonald's in Big Spring I used the mens room where an employee was wiping the counters and stalls. When he left the restroom he continued using the same cloth to wipe the tables.

It was sickening but apparently not out of character in Big Spring.

My best advice is to not eat in a town where basic potty training is considered elitist.


McGriddles has folded egg. They are not fresh eggs. They are cooked already then frozen all you have to do is heat them up.


I wouldn't waste time sending McDonalds messages via their website. Send them a letter via trackable method, i.e.

certified, UPS, Fedex, etc. You should bypass customer service, who is use to fielding complaints about cold biscuits and wait times, and send directly to their legal department.


Your an *** with more than likely a overweight child that has been allergic to eggs for years. But like the majority of this country that voted for Obama you are looking for something for free.

God forbid you take responsibility as a parent. Easier to blame the number one fast food restaurant in the world.

First B

Actually Campylobacter according to google and the online dictionary is something you get when meat is not fully cooked. It comes from raw food so I guess if the eggs were not fully cooked the daughter would get sick. Then again I heard of people eating eggs raw as well, but you can also get sick because they are raw.


It's not an allergy you freak. I guess actually googling something was too much effort for a worthless s.h.*.t like you.

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