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I waited for a long time to get a specialty burger at that McDonald's. it was at least 20 minutes and I began to joke that they had to go out and pick up the beef.

Our sandwiches finally arrived and were probably their most expensive cut of beef.

within a short time after eating some of the sandwich, i began heaving as well as that nasty thing one has to do when one gets terrible food poisoning. I felt so ill and weak that I didn't go back to that McDonalds for some time. When I finally did go back and told the manager about their poisoning me, she said,

"Bring in the receipt, and we will give you another one."

I wish I had said, "Sure I 'd like another bout of food poisoning. Are you crazy? You owe me an apology at the very least." But instead, I left feeling appalled at her callous attitude and have not ordered another burger at that McDs since.

Often there is no soap in the restroom; and the toilet paper is damp. How can the waiters and cooks have clean hands if there is no soap? I remember a study done of shopping cart handles where they found not only ecoli; but fecal matter on cart handles. that study is possibly why most stores have wipes at the doors.

One time I came into the restroom and the maintenance man had recently thrown dirty water all over the walls and toilet and left a lot of water on the floor. This was his idea of cleaning the restrooms.

Don't managers teach or monitor cleaning practices? cleanliness is required by law, isn't it?

I believe this is how staff can pass along food poisoning so easily. Many people have told me that they will never go to that McD's again. Since that experience if I go into a fast food restroom and there is no soap or damp toilet paper, I leave.

After seeing the videos on Youtube where burgers are kept under glass for months without deteriorating, it makes me feel disgusted with a corporate attitude that I believe appears to say "McD's can do anything they wish to the consumer to make a few bucks, including poisoning them; and contributing to morbid obesity with high fructose corn syrup that I believe is still in many of their foods."

Product or Service Mentioned: Mcdonalds Sandwich.

Reason of review: Bad quality, poisonous beef, terrible customer service, appauling attitude of management.

McDonalds Cons: Being poisoned by their burger and their callous attidtude.

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My, my, you are just full of complaints. Realistically, unless you were medically diagnosed with food poisoning that isn't what you had.

It wouldn't have occurred while still eating.

There is a nasty bug called stomach flu that can strike with absolutely no warning, can last for more than one day and it can also hit more than one person in a household within a short period of time. Don't be in such a hurry to make judgments without the proper diagnosis.