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1/18/15 7:11 pm to 7:13 pm.Before left Macdonald's

I heard Philippine sales ladies saying is because am Chinese that

is why talking about

them.I left 7:14 pm and go back.I voice out to those ladies behind

the front counter loudly.Not because am Chinese talking

about them or

behind there back.Am not like them.One of your customer told me

yesterday afternoon.Those ladies talking behind her back too.

We never say a word. Just enjoying ourselves chatting about my

self and family.I told that lady who complain about your Macdonalds

Sales ladies.Issue is Sales ladies saying

am a *** because not sleeping at my own place

looking for men on the street@night.

Can they proof that.Do they have

any papers saying what they talking about.

Why are they so agitated about me and the other lady.

Did we say or do anything bad to them

I never know them.Am quietly tonight buy soda.

Met a lady friend who was there drinking tea.

What is wrong with your sales ladies.They deny about

what they back *** about us.Blame on us.

Sales ladies do not have anything to do.Because sales is slow.

They should watch out.If they never like us to go there.

Let us know.Tell us in front face to face what they are not happy

about us.We are your customer there,I was introduce by friend

to go there and hang out.Actually am not going there before.I

only started last year.

Reason of review: They saying about me and another customer is not true.They deny it and mad.Did say things about me again.

Mcdonalds Cons: Workmanship deny words is not true.

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Whiskey tango foxtrot


Don't go there to hang out. Take your drink and go. Problem solved.

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