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Hello I want to say anamous but my son went for an interview, went and received his working papers, through his college, doctors then Darlene signed the papers with the hours and they were turned in. He went on his interview and was told he would be called on Monday to get on the schedule.

Before that Monday came, his coworker was told that Darlene was not going to hire hime because he did not smile at the interview and she asked him about the register and he said to her he would work any where else so she told the coworker she is not going to hire him. My son wrote a note to her stating he did not mean he would not work register he thought he had a choice and he would work any position. She never called my son and told him personally but through a coworker which was very unprofessional. When my son called today she never got on the telephone to tell him but hollered in the background I'm not going that route but the spanish girl did not repeat that but said we are not hiring at this time.

The coworker who she told business about my son said you have to suck up to her because she is soo fat that she has low self esteem so if you don't laugh at all her jokes or humble yourself to her in anyway she will treat you mean, so that is what he does so he can keep his job. I'm a parent and an employee since I was 15 years old and I am now 52 years old and I know this is unprofessional and I am reporting her becuase how many other young people have she behaved in this manner with, this would have been my son's second job and he was nervous and he does not have to go beyond his means of getting employed anywhere. So this is what I wanted to report as she is very unprofessional. My son will get a job that is not the problem it is her conduct as an adult and a supervisor.

Thank you and stay blessed.

Monetary Loss: $100.

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let God arise


God and the son are one that's why it was perfection Amen


Please start taking your medication again!


Let God arise


Even God let his own Son handle his own affairs.


I'm done it has nothing to do with you it's call professionalism don't let your lack of education and ignorance escape the issue at hand it's over and I have a right to speak on the conduct of employers' unprofessional conduct just like your on here now all up in my business becuase that's your right not that it concerns you but it's your right so why are you forbidding me my rights I said what I felt as a professional conduct and being a supervisor you should speak to the person and not others this is the issue at hand respect and professionalism. You can place California or anywhere else in the world on your contact but you know who you and most importantly what people always forget is that you reap what you sow it's a given thanks for being who you are!!! Nice


Interesting that you refer to reaping what you sow. You are sowing a sniveling little momma's boy by getting involved in his life like this. You shall reap a sad and lonely adult man who has serious issues with the women in his life because his mother never let him handle his own problems.

It is NOT your right to prevent your son from becoming his own man. Just let him sort things out for himself. He will make mistakes. He will get hurt. But he will be a better man for dealing with life's injustices on his own - NOT from having his clingy momma handling them for him.

The issue in NOT professionalism - the issue is that your little baby got rejected. It is not the first nor the last time this will happen. For his sake, learn to deal with it.


I feel sorry for this kid. He still has his mother fighting his battles at the age of 17.

So, he did not get the job. So what! Apply for another one and move on.

This is the type of parent who will be harassing the kid's college professors because he did not get an A on his term paper of calling his employer because he did not get a promotion.

Cut the apron strings and let the kid fight his own battles and learn his own lessons in life. You will be doing him a far bigger favor than trying to smooth the way for him every time he hits a bump in the road like this.


Why don't you call Pennsauken at 665-1000 and ask them if a resident of Pennsauken at the age of 17 need to get working papers until they turn 18. The reason your granddaughter didn't need them because she still has the same job.

My son had a summer job which ended and he had to get his working papers again. Since you are grandmother use researching skills and find out because you miss quote.

And you will not find out who the employee was that told my son because obviously you told more than one person about and you should have called my son and told him as a professional and grownup and stop acting like an immature teenager just becuase you work with them you need to rise above the occassion and act your age and show respect for everyone not who you feel you should and this morning you wouldn't get on the phone and speak to him you hollered it out in the background and the young lady was more professional than you and you know I'm right you know it, respect and professionalism is alway a positve way to go.


Anonymous, you don't have to run around and get his working papers. Teens all over the country apply for jobs on their own.

Actually you shouldn't even have to take him for his physical, if he is able to drive. When it comes right down to it I have a grandaughter who is 21 and has been working at a McDonald's since she was 15, and she never needed a physical. She is now up for manager. I have another grandaughter who worked at the same McDonald's for a year when she was 15 and she never needed to have a physical.

When she was 16 she had a chance to work in a daycare which is what she really wanted to do and she didn't need a physical for that either. Something is wrong with your story and as far as what a coworker said, it is probably pure gossip.

It could also be that the coworker made up the story that your son wasn't going to be hired. No employees don't have to suck up to the manager if they want to keep their jobs, they can find another job.


I just received a feedback from some uneducated adult and this is what I'm speaking on all I'm asking is be professional if you hire someone have enough respect and honesty and call the person back and let them know you have changed your mind like a grown-up. This is how supervising and any grown up should conduct themselves.

You give respect to receive respect.

It is okay if you don't hire a person but you should always display professionalism becuase McDonald is a real job okay grown poeple work their and own their own franchises let's be professional and respectfully okay.


SO he didn't get the job. He won't be the first or last and there will be other jobs he doesn't get.

It's called life.

If he is old enough to work, he doesn't need mommy getting involved. Sounds like he dodged a bullet.


He is only 17 years old and I have to run around and get his working papers until he turns 18 and he is looking for other jobs and will eventually get a job and since mommy has to stay involved with getting his working papers and physical because its the law of the land I will have no other choice but to stay involved how about that Mr. or Ms Full of Wisdom and don't know the laws of the land do you. Sounds like she needs to eat the bullet and grown up and perhaps you need a little maturity on board as well in reading and comprehension skills.