Price, Utah

Last Night my uncle and i went to mc. Donalds and we got a strawberry shake (2).we also had a big mac.

And a quater pounder. And we hardley could drink half of the shakes and about 25minutes to half an hour we were headed home and i started getting very sick so we pulled over i thought i was going to vomet and then we started to go and about the time we got home he was very sick just like me. Earlier yedturday we were both in good shape. But after we left mc.donalds weve been very sick.

Today this morning i had some awfull pain around five a.m. i couldnt sleep.and ive been battling pain all day Then about and hour later my uncle ended up in the hospital.

Monetary Loss: $16.

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1 Don't eat fast food places.

2 Foodborne illnesses can take up to 72 hrs before any symptoms show. Without testing and back checking there is no way to tell where you picked up the illness. Placing blame on any place without proof is irresponsible.


You got food poisoning just eating at McDonalds in the first place. Stop eating at these fast food places and start eating healthy, America!! The food they serve is nothing but a heart attack waiting to happen!


I agree!!