Stevenage, England
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I was out shopping so a thought it would be nice to take

drive though meal home for my wife a 1/4 pounder with cheese I my self have never eaten any of their so called food and it is approx. 5yrs since my wife has been out and called at mc donalds

but the so called meal was *** my journey home took 13mins

the bun was flat an not fit to eat the so called beef burger was hard on the out side made to look like cooked beef but inside was grey and just to *** you even more the so called beef burger was made to hang over the bun to give the imprestion that you were getting a ! big meal ! now I am 71yrs old and the only grey beef I have ever seen is offal!

and I am sure that is what this so called food was ,so mr mc be honest and tell your clients what is really in your meals. we had years ago a company called where they sold offal tripe

pigs trotters and the like which people enjoyed knowing what the were eating, now we are asked to eat the same but in a different form and without proper description, all foods sold in a retail shop has to give full and honest details of the full content

why then can mr-mc get away with sell such disgusting materials and sell as food. the *** was put were it belongs in the bin.pete

Monetary Loss: $2.

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LOL, this is actually so cute to me. Have you ever been to a McDonalds before?

All of their food is like that. :upset


I'm sorry, I missed something- You seem to have said "--now we are asked to eat the same". Pardon my understanding, but no one asked you to eat anything from there.

You're wife's medical status is void in this situation as well, you just paraded it out to get a sympathy angle.

You are complaining about your 'journey' home? a whole 13 minutes? You must be joking. This is a farce, right?

You're seriously complaining about where you live in relation to where you picked up food? You jest- Surely you jest.

Now, you state the burger is Offal- in todays world it is called mechanically separated and yes, it IS the stuff you toss in the bin. I'm perplexed as to what you thought your burger was made of. Did you really think you were getting a $15 cut of meat for $2?

They aren't dishonest either, there are plenty of documentaries out there about what their food is. Just because you are too lazy to research it yourself doesn't mean they are dishonest.

And lastly, because you're a senior- please just make your wife a quarter pounder at home.

You need better quality food then what McD's serves. Do your wife a favor and prepare it yourself.