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Around nine we came into an almost empty restaurant that was incredibly loud with the sound of the teen gossip and plans for the night, white girl in blue shirt pranced around hollerin im 20, im 20, then when our order was wrong she left immediately to avoid the situaion, apparently she was an assistant manager which makes no sense, new burger was exactly the same as if it had just been put in new paper, the cooks and cashier giggled and whispered while laughing back and forth looking up to make sure we couldnt see exactly what they were doing, blonde girl just walked around smirking didnt say a thing after watching the entire situation, you can guess the burger didnt get touched and we will never be back to that terrible place

Product or Service Mentioned: Mcdonalds Burger.

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You sound more like a child yourself the way you present yourself. Then you call them girls and children even though they acted immature they acted more mature than you.

The reason they messed up your order is because they did not understand what you wanted. If you speak the way you type it is no wonder they could not understand a word you said.

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