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This place is horrible. I would not feed my dog at this place.when I first went thru drive the lady was so rude.

I asked her did you guys have any specials or how much was the McDouble meal. She reply to me what size do you want rudely. From there I told her that I will come inside to place my order. When I walked in this place seems like it was a nightclub.

The employees were very very loud and it seems as if they wasn't even worried about their customers Until Anna look up and seen that there were customers on the front line.the employees were just worried about themselves and getting their own meals. The manager was walking around with braids in his hair as if he was not even a manager and not even concerned about his customers. The store with a very nasty there were cops everywhere the ice cream machine was actually a MEss. There was ice cream cups just sitting.

The store had a bad odor even the employees were complaining about this. Off duty employees were comming in getting free meals. Along with working employees. The night manger was coming in but had not clocked in.

She was talking to the employees distracting them while customers were wait. She than clocked in and sat in the lobby CHARGING her phone and arguing in the phone. No one had on name tags to be identified. The bathrooms we horrible.

The guy manger with the girl braid was having a conversation with an off duty employee ring him up. While he allowed customers to stand in line. He than continued his conversation while handing out food not even acknowledging the customers. They were just very loud.

There was alot of work and cleaning to do. They were all just standing around. When I git my food and made it back home. The food was horrible.

My 20 nuggets were dry and nasty. My burger was sloppy and just thrown together.

The only good thing was my fries thats because I ask for fresh ones. Anna was the only one that seems as if the customers come first.The management team is the WORST.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $8.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

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Sounds like a zoo or at best, a very junior high school type atmosphere. If McDonald's employees ever get that huge raise they are whining about in the media, sounds like the employees at this location will be out of a job as no longer will the owner/managers have to hire whatever riff raff applies. They can be choosy.


Not to mention I said with the GIRL BRAIDS. It was a guy with GIRL braids.....NEXT


The reason she was rude to you was because you were holding up the line, when you go to drive thru it tells you the prices, and you should also know exactly what you want, either wise dine in. The sad thing is customers will be taking out their anger on her for the wait because they don't know that you were not prepared when you went to the drive thru.

Also don't go around calling grown women girls when it is you who acts like a child. Not to mention you misspelled coming, a simple word taught in second grade.

You call her a girl aka a child when your spelling is at a second grade level. You should have came inside in the first place, drive thru is for people who have made up their mind and know what they want, not for you to take ages to decide what you want.

to Anonymous #872417

First of all I asked her a question because the menu was not lite up. Also the price was faded for what I wanted so I asked a question as I am entitled to do.Not to mention there was no one behind me.

I had to return to work so drive thru was just fine for me. Ordering for someone else I NEED A PRICE.Secondly you was not there. This is probably the employees are you mad? Like I stated other customers had issues.I call them as I see them.

Woman take pride in what they do and don't horse play.

Girl and boys do.How about you make changes at the store instead of trying to correct me. GOOD DAY NOW

to Anonymous #872422

Not to mention it was a guy manger with WITH GIRL BRAIDS. DID NOT WANT TO CALL HIM Anything elses since no name tags were on.

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