Louisville, Kentucky

Every time I go to the McDonalds close to my house and I don't care if it is for lunch or for dinner. I don't care what day of the week it is.

They never never get my order right. i don't ask for anything special, just what is on the menu. Without fail they screw up. I am so tired of this that I will not go to this McDonalds no matter what. I go to the one close to my work and they are always busy and they always accurate with my order. I order for

co-workers and still they always have the order correct...Amazing isn't it... I would say the manager and company by my house have hiring and training issues or just don't care.


very tired of *** mistakes

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Maybe the one close to your house has employees that are paid lousy and don't give a ***...


you cant say always or never cuz then you are not truthfull