I've been to the McDonald's on 27th ave and camelback 5 times and all 5 times I get home and have to drive back because they forgot something. It's 110 degrees in phx.

Today I went back and asked for a refund they took there stuff back and gave me my money I paid 16.87 they gave me 16.21 I didn't even get offered a drink.never again will I give them my service.

They wasted my time and money, if they were really sorry they would of offered something to drink at the very least!!! Worst experience every I should of stayed a burger king costumer.

Monetary Loss: $6.

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Or maybe you should drop the artery clogging fast food and actually eat something healthy.

Eglin Afb, Florida, United States #843624

You wasted your own time going back the other 4 times after they got your *** wrong & you didn't CHECK it before you left. You are the bigger dip$hit.

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