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I will never *** go back to McDonald's on 14th in Anderson indiana the cadhier and manager were both rude as *** tried to a cuse me of stealing a drink i had just paid for at the drive thur when i went back inside to fill my cup with coke cola after asking for it in the drive thu and they gave me some nasty *** that wasnt Coke cola. I went inside to get my drink and upon doing such i also ordered my daughter a Coke they said she can keep hers nut, i had to pay for mine again or dump it out.

Its *** 90 + outside and they refused me my drink i should sue ur *** nadty *** and close that nadty pla e down!!! It was a white manger with a blode ponytail and the lying cashier who was a big huge black lady shaped like a *** for Oompa Loompa and acuses paying customers of stealing i will never go to another McDonald's ever again there very, very rude and nasty!!!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Mcdonalds Manager.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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I've said that myself many times, but I always end up going back after a real long period of time, thinking that maybe they've finally gotten their act together, or maybe have a whole new kitchen crew since it's been so long, but I usually find that it's the same stuff going on, sometimes even worse!

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