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The new McDonald's coffee cup lids do not stay put. Every time the server at the window gives me my order the new coffee lid is loose.

I even retighten the lid and it loosens right back up when you pick up coffee several times. This has happen to several of these new cups. I noticed the rim on the lid & cup are very small and appears that possible the reason. After inspecting the cup the cup rim it is apparent that the lid coming apart at the seam.

This appears to be a bad design. I never had this problem with prior McDonalds coffee cups.

Product or Service Mentioned: Mcdonalds Coffee.

Reason of review: coffee cups defective.

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Hi, I went too McDonald's this morning again , and just driving out the drive thru my coffee cup was leaning a tab so, I just touch the side to straighten it up and there go's the lids I had spoken to the Manager last week about that issue and told me there wasn't a issue it was fix a few months earlier.now for the 5th times this is happening to us last week was my wife's coffee cup lid popped off had coffee all over her self plus the couch is stain with coffee when on her lap top and again this morning went all over the counsel in my SUV ...The lease they could do is replace a coffee there full of it, am a regular costumer there every day .Date Dec 7th 2018.


Amen to that. There is something seriously wrong with those coffee cups, tired of spilling it.

They do not stay put. Seriously, come on McDonald's you can't be that chea


Everyday my small coffe cup from McD drips on my dress shirts. I have stopped buying from them and switched to BK as my morning coffee stop.


The coffee cups also have a tendency to leak from the lid while drinking no matter how good it is secured. Need to fix this problem immediately if not sooner or I'm off to Dunkin D!! With the recent increase in coffee price I would think this would have been addressed!!


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I like the paper cups and hope McDonald's continues on this path!


My comment relates to the lid on a coffee cup from this morning. The coffee was purchased in Westford , MA.

The lid was "ecolid." I have two problems with lid. 1. The drinking spout is higher than necessary making it hard to drink. 2.

The cover has no vent hole. When I made my own vent, it was much easier to drink the coffee.

Union Grove, Wisconsin, United States #1300179

I sent them a letter as well as the cup and lid complaining of the cup/lid ratio and that the coffee spilled on me as I was driving.

Guess they don't want to hear that though, because they never responded. Guess they are waiting for the big one to happen. I have switched to Starbucks, at least they have the decency to give their patrons a decent container.


I agree. The new cups suck.

Not only do the lids come off BUT the new cups leak at the seam. It appears that it is a new cup design as well.

Another bad thing is that the new cups do NOT keep the coffee hot. Bad news.

to Anonymous Waxhaw, North Carolina, United States #1352682

M.L.I have the same thing happen I have complained several times MCD don't care


I just googled these lids because I knew I couldn't be the only one with this problem. I've been burned several times.

As I'm walking into work, the hot coffee starts leaking out and burns my hands. A lot of times the lid pops off just from holding it and the coffee burns my hands and I drop it. Take a sip and it leaks out and burns my face and chest and stains my clothes.

I figured enough people would complain or they'd see what *** these lids are and they'd change them, but it's been six months and I'm still getting burned.

I got a coffee cup to poor it in, but I frequently forget it. Why should I have to use a different cup anyway. That's part of the convenience of getting coffee from a fast-food place. You don't have to wash anything.

They are taking the joy out of morning coffee. FIX THESE LIDS! I'm going to start going to Burger King.

They didn't cheap-out on their lids.

Are they waiting for someone to sue them?

to Anonymous #1378336

I guess I was the unlucky one. On July 6th 2017 I received 2nd degree burns from mcdonald's coffee leaking on my lap due to faulty lid.

Going through therapy. It's sad that they've had so many complaints and did nothing.

They do have a lawsuit this time. It was horrific and debilitating

to Medina #1494709

Type your message hereSorry about your mishap. I would like for you to email me please/ pumpitupnow@hotmail.com Need info please


I agree with all of these complaints! Had the same exact things happen!

From leakage, spilling on my clothes, flooring, etc.

A real bad accident just waiting to happen. And the coffee does not stay hot!

I complained to five different local McDonald's since day one with these cups and it's been a month.

Nothing has been changed.

Started going to Tim Horton and Starbucks. Tim Hortons coffee cups are lousy but at least they don't leak or spill out on you.

I'll just make the McCafe coffee at home and put into a safe mug.


I understand wanting to be environmentally friendly, but these new paper cups just aren't cutting it. The older polystyrene cups kept the coffee hotter longer and didn't leak all over the place.


I drive for a living and the way I stopped spilling coffee from the newly designed McDonald cups on me is to go thru Starbucks instead


Our area just got the new bio-degradable cups with the new lids. I have a series of pics of the leaking cups.

The coffee comes out where the THICK seam is, and it leaks down the seam AND/OR will follow the upper part of the sleeve along the lip of the cup and then leak down on some random area if the cup. I have contacted McD's with this issue. I wonder if they will follow up with me. What a MESS!

Might be time to go back to Sheetz.


*** Flimsy MacDonald's paper coffee cups! Had one in my hand as I walked into the house.

It collapsed in my hand. Coffee all over! Hot coffee down my leg. Ruined my white socks.

Total mess on my carpet. My wife wanted to kill me. What a mess that was to clean up in the middle of a busy morning. I want to scream.

*** FLIMSY PAPER CUPS are not appropriate for coffee! What were you thinking, McD?


I understand that they are trying to look out for the environment, but these cups are terrible. I want hot coffee not luke warm coffee in 10 minutes.

Also when they hand you the cup it hurts your hands because the heat goes through the paper easier then the thick sturdy styrofoam. I feel like I am getting a cheap cup of coffee from a hotel because the cups are made of paper and are so flimsy. I have very tiny hands and the shorter/wider design of the cup makes it really hard to grasp I can just foresee it slipping from my hand or someone with the same problems hand and spilling coffee all over ourselves. I also agree it is hard to get out of the car cup holders so it becomes a mess or a distraction.

I forsee a lot of accidents in the future due to these cups.

Overall paper cups for hot beverages are just terrible no matter what the reasoning is behind it. Give us back our other cups!!!!


My husband complains every day about the new cups. He said the lid pops off and it doesn't keep the coffee hot.

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