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I'm sure McDonalds saved a ton of money changing from a nice sturdy styrofoam cup that simply worked for its purpose, kept the coffee hot, lid in place. Now we get a cheap piece of cardboard all dressed up to advertise for them with a lid that simply will not stay on.

Good shot guys. Go ahead and tout how your saving the planet from all the styrofoam in the landfill, your going to singlehandedly save the planet. I know I'm not the only person that this is simply the last straw.

The coffee is good but I just can't get past this, I'll have to find another coffee/breakfast stop. Enjoy your profit now because the children will grow up and realize how greedy you are, the adult population already knows.

Product or Service Mentioned: Mcdonalds Coffee.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

McDonalds Cons: New coffee cups.

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Awww, get a life!




So far this month one coffe just collapsed in my hand, pouring all over me. Another coffee just tipped over by itself, i put it on the counter it sat straight up for a second then tipped over seemingly by itself. (I originally assumed because of the liquid inside sloshing around, and upon closer inspection a collapsed OVAL bottom?) Soft recycled paper like these cups should never be used for hot beverages, it’s common sense really.


Plastic cups for soda drink is TERRIBLE!! Large drinks don’t hold up!!

Spills too easily !! Too flimsy to hold onto! Takes 2 hands!! U already have food in one!!

Time to checkout other restaurants! I am 70!!

I can’t handle !! Very upset!!


Not to mention that, they are very bad for the Enviroment and take thousands of years to decompose. Centuries from now someone could dig up your plastic cup from McDonalds.


Can’t stand the new plastic cups. They sweat all over my cup holder!


The new "eco-friendly" (but STILL plastic) cups are terrible! The ice melts, making an awful mess on my desk and in my cup holder in my car.

The drink becomes watery and tastes bad, also. Enough is enough. BRING BACK THE STYRO CUPS. I work way too hard for what money I have to spend on lunch, and I don't plan on wasting any more of it at Mickey D's!

Bowing to pressure isn't always the way to go.

Too PC for our own good these days. Or maybe McDonald's doesn't care if they lose customers.


Told them yesterday you can't get to the table thstbthe cup is all sweaty and nasty. We will be going to Burger King.

Dobthey care? I'm sure NOT.


Totally agree (so do the employees, but aren't allowed to voice opinions). New plastic cups are flimsy, let the ice melt immediately, and sweat all over my desk.


Total agreement! It was bad enough the new horrible large cups for soda/sweet tea collapse when you hold them causing the lid to pop off, sweat profusely, and disintegrate so they leak.

Now, I get coffee today and find this cup changed as well and it's even worse! The cup gets hot and no sleeves are offered AND the coffee gets cold right away!

VERY disappointed. As others have mentioned, I'll start going elsewhere that are less convenient but have decent cups so you can actually enjoy the beverage.


Bring back the foam cups. It’s what makes the Coke. My Coke tastes watered down on the first Drink today.


These cups for the tea are horrible!!! It turns to water quickly due to ice melting.

I typed in this subject to see if I was the only one upset and I guess I am not. I am getting drinks other places now.


Please big back the foam cups


The plastic cups suck. The food does too, but I still went because I liked a big $1 foam cup.

Now it’s easy to make the decision not to go at all. Thanks Mcd’s!


Bring back foam cups


I absolutely agree. The cups are downright dangerous - especially when the coffee is really hot!

The cups start disintegrating as soon as you get them. The coffee is hot and the cups are too hot to hold.

They need to put a sleeve on the cup if they are going to use these stupid cups. I have started going elsewhere for my coffee.


I just scaled my leg because their new awful cup collapses on the sides and the top pops off. Not only when you drink out of them coffee comes out from under the lid. I can't imagine that these could pass any kind of safety test.

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