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At 4770 N. Main St.

Dayton, Ohio after midnight I went to get a simple order; I spent 40 minutes in the drive thru waiting on the worst and nastiest Big Mac meal a dog wouldn't eat. My complaint will be against the establishment because there was the most unprofessional group of people working together; I've encounter. My sandwich was disgusting and the fries tasted like they were left in the refrigerator. Please shut this shift down before you get a lawsuit, because everybody on that shift should be fired.

I will protest this facility if you don't do something immediately and the media will have a heyday on the photo I took after I received my food. This happen June 30th at 12:35 please fire everybody in that building, even the manager because they give McDonald the worst impression of customer service.

Product or Service Mentioned: Mcdonalds Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

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Here at Arvada Colorado site on 58th near King Soopers grocery, Manager Carlos and Myra are only hiring {{redacted}} and badgering other employees and customers. Carlos has side entry locked for security but was standing at door when elderly couple came to door with baby grandchildren and he wouldnt let them in. Too many times Ive witnessed cleaning lady dump buckets of water on seats and booths at height of business and harass customers for sitting there.


Pretty gross looking food.


Yeah he made it appear gross after picking at it so he could get a free meal. What a shame.


Looks like they put some of their "extra special sauce" on your food.


It makes me feel like vomiting just looking at that picture.


McDonalds has the number one meal, the number two meal, the number three meal, the number four meal, the number five meal, the number six meal, the number seven meal, the number eight meal, the number nine meal and the number ten meal. But all of them taste like they are the "number two meal"


I thought that the Terms of Service on this site stated that you couldn't post *** on here. Well, those pictures of that you posted on there are as offensive as the most disgusting *** Especially if all that slimy stuff on the sandwiches is what I think it is.


You claim to have waited in your auto some 40 minutes and to have lost $700? Nonsense. No one is that dense.


Yep, the first thing I noticed as well. Horse hockey no doubt.


I know one thing, I sure do wish that I had back all of the money that I have Pissed Away at McDonalds over the years. You know, there's two very important things about a meal.

The first is the food itself, the appearance of it, the quality of it, the taste of it, the temperature of it. And second is the atmosphere. And McDonalds fails miserably in both of these things. The atmosphere is absolutely disgusting and irritating with garbage and crap all over the seating area and floors.

Often, it is so packed with suckers that the only place to sit down is in the McPlayPlace area and you have to eat your crap meal with children screaming and parents saying over and over to their children to stop doing this or stop doing that, and the kid just completely ignores their parents and keeps screaming and doing whatever the parent keeps telling them not to. What a Gross atmosphere to try to eat a meal. I've been in there many a time where some kind of machinery behind the counter keeps going "Beep! Beep!

Beep! Beep! Beep!" over and over for the entire duration of my stay in their so called restaurant. And the meal itself tastes like it was made hours ago and was just sitting around.

Like the Chicken McNuggets are. Absolutely disgusting, i wouldn't recommed. The food from McDonalds isn't fit to give a dog. I love dogs very much, and I wouldn't want to give something that if not actually making them sick, sure as *** makes you feel that way.

many times, back in the day, when they stilled "Super-Sized" everything I used to order The Double Quarter With Cheese Meal Super-Sized, and once while walking home from the McDonalds off the Church Street Marketplace in Burlington, Vermont I my chest began hurting extremely bad and I felt as though I was going into 'Cardiac Arrest'. I felt like I was going to die right there on the sidewalk. Now let me ask you this, Is that something that is healthy for you going to make you feel like that afterwards? I think not.

And the employees are very disrespectful of you. A very unhealthy choice and irritating atmosphere.

Altogether i give this establishment Zero stars. I should have sued them for nearly killing me with crap.