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Went through drive through at 6:30am. Saw the girl putting on the lid.

Look back at mme. Adjust the lid. Then place it in the bag. To my understanding it looked like a hassle for her; but hey if it gets in the bag than im on my way and outa her hair.

When i got to work across the street i grabbed my bag to have the hot oatmeal spill all over my lap through the bag. I was livid.... at least it wasnt as bag as the cigarette wrapper i found in my food last month. Like that shouldve been the final straw.

Crooks. I will never give anothet penny to this company.

Of coarse you cant expect quality food from here... but this *** is just wrong.

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Langley Park, Maryland, United States #605919

Hahahahaha that's hilarious!!

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