Brewer, Maine
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My husband has stage four cancer. He always ate broiled chicken sandwiches until we learned of his illness.

Then he tried the chicken selects. They became one of the few pleasures in his life. I bought them everyday along with drinks and food for me. Suddenly, they are off the menu.

Why? What can I do to have McDonald's bring them back. Is there a site for this kind of request. Oh, we tried the small chicken pieces and they seem to be made of pressed chicken and are awful.

No one will eat them. Anyone out there with influence plesase help.

Thanks. Dotti

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Any store discontinues things that are no longer selling. Try things from different restaurants.

However, when my late mother was terminally ill with cancer she would be really hungry for some of her longtime favorite foods and one of us would fix it for here and she would eat a couple bites and that was it.

Also one of my daughters is undergoing radiation treatments and doesn't like the taste of anything.


Is McDonalds responsible for the cancer too?


Hadn't thought of McD causing the bladder can, but the years of drinking diet cokes may have been a factor.


Hahaha. WOW.