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On Thursday 1/21, at 7:15 pm, my wife & I recently went into a McDonalds at West 125th St. & Broadway in Manhattan, New York City & waited at an open register (it showed the last sale).

For 5 minutes nobody waited on us. Finally I asked for the manager. She (her name was Belkys, or Belkis) said I should have known the register was closed if nobody came to wait on me. I told her it would have been nice if somebody had told us or put a sign on the register to that effect.

I noticed that that same register later showed "CLOSED" in its sale window, so obviously somebody had forgotten to change it earlier when they should have. The manager was very rude & unapologetic. Instead of coming up to the register to talk to me, she stayed at a distance, addressed me sideways, & then continued to grumble about me with her co-workers. She definitely is not qualified to serve as a manager.

She should be fired immediately. If not, she needs to be retrained at another McDonalds where perhaps they won't so easily tolerate her crudeness & lack of concern for customer service.

Product or Service Mentioned: Mcdonalds Manager.

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The growing discontent over the Mcdonalds franchise and coporate stores is Growing faster than Wildfires. I assume coporate will be satisfied so long as the profits roll in, Careful you dont want to be become another Facebook as I see it and you may not like it americans are getting sick of being shafted.

Step aside McD I may be the next entrepreneur that makes disappear the truth Hurts even if you ignore it. whats That I hear Mcds stock prices a falllllling

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