Dresden, Saxony
Not resolved

I ordered 2X McVeggie Burger at Prager Strasse, Dresden McDonald restaurant. I got the order pack and took back home and when I ate first burger it was ok but when I started 2nd burger it was non vegetarian.

I went back to restaruant and talked with the manager she told they they had made a mistake but she did not gave apologize. She just told me that she can give me a replacement but what about my beliefes and religion. I am practising Jain and non vegetarian throught my life.

I was really emotionally hurted after this incident. I have recipt of the order with me and I am going to their main office in Dresden and see what they have to tell me about this mistake they have made.

Product or Service Mentioned: Mcdonalds Burger.

Monetary Loss: $2.

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You need to see a shrink if you are emotionally hurt because someone accidentally gave you the wrong sandwich.


How horrible. They should give you millions of dollars for your agony and heartache!

HAHA...Suck it up! It's not like you received AIDS from a bad blood transfusion.

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